Does anyone else feel like this week flew by?  I wasn’t even busy this week either.  At least not by my definition of the word.  And normally when Tim is away, the week kind of drags… but not this week!  Anyways, I’m just popping in with some things that caught my attention around the world-wide web this week.  Begin Friday procrastination now Enjoy!

Friday Favorites

Lindsay has a fun little series in her blog called “Back to Basics.”  In this series, she addresses “basic” healthy living topics that sometimes us certified fitness professionals think the average reader just knows… but doesn’t.  This week her topic was why women should lift weights.  Cannot emphasize everything she wrote in here enough.

— Local readers, have you heard of The November Project?  FREE early morning workouts all around Boston… including deck of cards!  Not so sure how I’d keep up on the run workouts or the Harvard Stadium workouts, but Destination Deck I think I could handle.  Something to ponder trying out soon.

Deck of Cards

— Normally weight loss articles don’t really catch my attention.  Mainly because I’m not trying to lose weight.  However, lately I’ve kept my eyes out for material that I can transfer over to promoting wellness at my company.  This article lists 52 small changes for big weight loss, and that’s the exact kind of thing I’m looking for.  Advice I can dish out in small and manageable portions, not anything life changing overnight.

— Attention garlic lovers!  23 healthy recipes you can make with garlic, right here.  Check off another fab recipe round-up from Greatist.  Where the heck was this list on Tim’s birthday?  He loves garlic.  One of the first presents I ever got him was a garlic press… no joke.

— Looking for new workout jams to spice up your sweat sesh?  Check out Kim’s “Shake Off the Funk” spring workout playlist.  There’s also a link up on this post for you to submit your own faves.

— I’ve seen soooo many recipes for incorporating avocado into desserts – chocolate pudding, cookies, you name it.  Here’s another recipe from Jenna.  I think it’s about time I try doing this.  I do have an avocado that’s going to go bad over the weekend if I don’t use it up today.  Also, I’m pretty sure I need the cookbook she references in this post.  Just saying.

Dirty dozen or clean fifteen?  Greatist shares what produce you should buy organic, and which don’t really matter as much.  Sidenote, we do not currently buy organic.  It’s something I’d like to start learning more about though.  You guys?

— I know there are Boston Marathon bombing stories emerging all over the place now, but as a former dancer this one in particular brought me to tears.  I honestly cannot even imagine what it would be like to lose a foot, or really any limb.  It really puts my tight traps into perspective, huh?  Thank you to my friend Joan for sharing this article.

And that’s that.

Let’s chat!  Tell me what caught your eye this week.  Anything worth sharing with me?