Hello! I am feeling completely under the weather today. Anyone else have that cold that’s going around? I slept for a full ten hours straight last night, and today I’m home from work resting. At least it’s a rainy day for snuggling up on the couch with a warm drink for my throat. We are supposed to see our good friends Cate and Joe tomorrow night, so I’m hoping to feel better by then. Not much else to report at the moment, so let’s dive into Friday Favorites. Enjoy!

Friday Favorites




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Readers, let’s chat! What links are speaking to you this week, what was the best part of your week, and what’s up for the weekend?

Best part of my week was hands down the New Balance event on Tuesday. Aside from hopefully getting together with our friends tomorrow night, we have Easter with Tim’s family on Sunday. Greek Orthodox Easter isn’t until next weekend, so we will get two in a row!