Good morning! It’s been a somewhat quiet week on F&F. After my crazy fun weekend in NYC, to say I’ve been exhausted this week is a huge understatement. I guess I just can’t hang like I used to! Anyways, my main priorities this week were trying to catch up around the house, enjoying dinner plans after work, and being officially addicted to The Walking Dead (you win, Ashley!). Writing hasn’t been my #1 priority, but if you missed my Sunday and Monday posts, check them out:

Yesterday I finally had some time to catch up on blog reading, so here you go!

Friday Favorites






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Leave some link love of your own or tell me something that’s been a priority for you this week.
What’s everyone doing for the long weekend? Any other Walking Dead addicts out there?

I refused to watch that show for SO LONG (never thought zombies would be my thing), but once I watched enough episodes to become desensitized, I can’t get enough.

Cheers to a fun and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!