Happy Friday, friends!  Enjoy my favorite internet finds of the week!

Friday Favorites


— My friend Monique recently teamed up with her friend Jess of Lovage to come up with a seven minute “Mommy’s Moves” workout video that was featured in the first Lovage newsletter.  Check out the video here!  Very cool!

— A fun workout that my friend Jen posted this week was this strength and cardio interval workout.  Looks like a good one!  Can’t wait to try it.

Lindsay provides us with another reminder on just how important it is to rest our bodies and not overdo it with exercise.


— Bored of your typical salad?  Here are 20 summer salads for something different this season.

— A healthy spin on brownies, made with sweet potato?  Thank you, Lindsay!  Must bake these.

— After my pecan crusted carrot cake was a big hit at Easter, I’ve been dying to bake something else carroty.  This week Little Miss Runshine posted a recipe for whole wheat carrot cake muffins.  Score!


— Does anyone else find they waste an incredibly obnoxious amount of paper towels?  I definitely do.  Look at this eco-friendly solution!  So cute too.

— Has anyone read the book Wheat Belly?  It’s on my list of summer reading, right after I finish reading my current selection of How to Eat Organic on a Budget.  Anyways, this post from Stephanie caught my eye this week and has a lot of good insight into both sides of the debate (to wheat or not to wheat).

— And finally, the hottest new workout trend.  If you only click one link today, please make it this one.

Any fun things you’ve stumbled upon this week?  Link em up in the comments!