Happy Friday!  This has been a whirlwind of a week, so I’m glad it’s almost over.  It started out great with my 6am workout on Monday, but the week kind of went downhill from there (90 minute commute home two nights, a meltdown, not having time for roommate dinner, and some other crap I won’t bore you all with).  I was happy to have at least SOME girl time with Shannon last night.  We worked on my t-shirt quilt some more over a glass of wine.  Needless to say, I’m happy it’s Friday, but things won’t really calm down for me until next Friday as this weekend is also busy.  Today I’m working 11-7:30 and doing an evening stress management presentation for our extended business hours folks, tomorrow I’m wedding dress shopping with Slesh yayy, Sunday I have a baby shower, and then on Monday I’m off to Atlanta for the week for work.  Whew!  Although, sometimes things actually slow down when I travel because I don’t have anything else going on except for work.  Weird huh?  Are you guys all thinking “why is she doing a stress management presentation?”  Ugh.

Anyways, for today, please enjoy these Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites


Faves from the web…

First up?  Balls!  25 healthy energy balls, that is.  Everyone needs some more balls in their life.

A funny but pretty accurate comparison between life in your early twenties versus life in your late twenties.  Can’t decide which part is my favorite or rings true the most for me.  Thoughts?

All the same tips I would have shared myself!  If you are attending or planning to attend a group fitness workshop or conference for the first time, here are some tips for you from Gina.

An interesting takeaway on worksite wellness.  I like how this post presents both sides of the “are these programs worth it?” question.  But at the end of the day, I’m a firm believer that companies should offer these programs because they are the right thing to do.

Walking at work

Obesity has been pronounced a DISEASE instead of just a nationwide health problem?  I do NOT agree with this.  In fact, I’m angry about this.  What do you guys think?

From the amazing Tina Reale, take a look at the some of the most commonly heard obstacles/setbacks when it comes to achieving our healthy living goals.  And more importantly, ways you can be prepared to overcome them.

Faves from you guys…

Not much was sent my way this week, but I did have two things I wanted to share with you…

Ashley shared this beautiful blog post with me via Facebook.  And actually told me I should include it in Friday Favorites (which I would have done anyways).  So here you go.  And actually, read part 1 first.  Thanks.

And Cristin introduced me to the latest version of planking.  Orring!  Check it out.

Fave reminders on why I need to keep on doing what I love… 

This Facebook post from one of my online virtual training clients:


And also a comment from a random reader on my most frequented post

I love your blog. It was extremely helpful to me while I prepared for the ACSM-CPT exam! I nailed it today and I am so stoked! Thanks a million.
– Jack in Atlantic Beach, FL

(Congrats, Jack!)

do what you love

That’s it for this week!  What’s going on with you guys?  Was it a good week or a meh week?  Any favorites you want to share?