Hello, friends.  I am having “one of those days.”  I am hoping to snap out of it tonight when I go out for dinner and drinks in Harvard Square with Ashley and Monique.  Honestly, my vacation next week couldn’t be coming at a better time.  I really need to unplug and relax and just not think!  I think Maine sounds perfect for all the above.

I still have not had a lot of time for blog reading, but I did have a few links and shares I wanted to post today.  Better late than never!  We’ll call today’s Friday Favorites a random assortment…

Friday Favorites

— As someone who often wakes up at the crack of dawn to workout, I’m always being asked how I do it.  Monique posted a nice list of tips for getting out of bed to workout.  Check it out!

Julia emailed me this picture of this caprese salad early last week.  She said her mom made it and added some Tabasco on top of the balsamic for an extra kick.  Thanks, Julia, for sharing this spin on a summer staple!

Caprese Salad

— Reader and class member Joy sent me this link that lists out several different free fitness options in Boston this summer as part of the Boston Moves for Health program.  Local readers, check it out if you are interested!

— Joy also forwarded along a link from the New York Times on how interval training can make you more efficient at work.  Worksite wellness!  Yay!

— Dawn texted me this picture of her salmon hidden behind loads of greens!  Looks yummy!

Dawn's salmon salad

— For any of you that can relate to having 3894728932 weddings to go to, this link is a must read:  28 Signs All Your Friends Are Getting Married.  Thank you, Jess, for sending that to me!

— And finally, my friend Erin texted me this picture and said it reminded her of me.  It’s kind of hard to read, but it says “I don’t need to flirt, I will seduce you with my awkwardness.”  Love.

seduce with awkwardness

Sorry for the short list, but it’s about all I could muster up for today!

Do you guys have anything else you’d like to share?  Perhaps some tips for getting me out of this funk?!

I’ll be back on Sunday with my Weekly Workouts and Weekly Eats posts a day early, and then next week you get to hear from some amazing other Boston bloggers and friends of mine who kindly offered to keep F&F up and running while I am away!  Make sure to check in and read their guest posts!