This week’s version of Friday Favorites is a little different!  Read on, friends…

Friday Favorites

— Web Faves —

Healthy friends, how do you share your healthy lifestyle without turning people offKim welcomes you to answer this on her blog.  It’s a good question!

Need a splurge?  Try Little Miss Runshine’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes.  Droolworthy.

A good question to ask yourself as a blogger:  Do you live to blog?  A post from Alaina worth reading, especially if you are someone who likes to say “yes” to everything that comes your way!

The ultimate guide for healthier baking.  Could quite possible be my favorite infographic post from Greatist yet!

Whole Wheat Blueberry Banana Muffins

Another Greatist list worth sharing from this week:  51 Paleo snacks that anyone can love.

Looks like a delicious summer appetizer to me.  And yes, I’m a fellow corn freak and I don’t care who knows it.

Some good workout ideas!  And they’re free.  Will likely try to incorporate into some classes next week.

— Friend Faves —

I love when F&F readers and friends share healthy inspired things with me during the week!  I decided it would be fun to start sharing some of them with you guys on the blog…

Liz texted me a picture of delicious looking smoothies that she and Ali enjoyed after class at Studio Empower:

Liz's Smoothies

She also texted me a fun recipe to try…

Moroccan stew recipe

This was a bit ago, but Ashley texted me a picture of an article in Men’s Health about the importance of taking a rest week

rest week

Dawn was the winner of the Chobani donation to my April Arms Challenge.  Check out her delivery!

Dawn's Chobani Winnings

Shannon shared a pin on Pinterest with me that she thought I might like… and I definitely do!  Love new workout jams…

100 best workout songs(Web credit)

And finally, look at this fun Bruins inspired workout that Ash and Meg shared with me on Instagram (follow me yet?)

bruins workout

^^ LOVE this.  Should I do an alphabet workout soon?

— Twitter Faves —

Pyramid Pushup Tweet

Chobani Tweet

spartacus workout

— TV Faves —

And finally, I cannot WAIT until next Wednesday.  For this reason.  This commercial has had me LOLing all week.  HUMP DAAY!

What was a highlight from your week?  Share please!

Feel free to text, email, tweet, tag me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, snail mail, whatever — if you have a fun meal, workout, or anything you’d like to share, I want to see it!  You can find me @fitnessandfeta pretty much anywhere… and I’ll try to include it in Friday Favorites next week.  Enjoy the weekend!