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Morning! Here’s what’s going on in my world this week:

I took a spin class with Slesh at The Handle Bar in Harvard Square on Monday night. The instructor saw me in the bathroom before class and asked me if I did CrossFit. When I said no, she said “well, you’re buff as fuck.” It seriously made my week. Strength training ftw. And it goes to show that giving compliments can go a long way. Kindness, people. Try it!

The Handle Bar

Dinner that night was pumpkin themed: pumpkin sage meatballs over spaghetti squash tossed in a little olive oil and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

Pumpkin Sage Meatballs over Spaghetti Squash

On Tuesday night, Tim and I decided to forgo our meal plan and go to Not Your Average Joe’s for dinner. I got in late from work, and neither one of us felt like cooking or being at home that night. I ordered the cider chicken with spaghetti squash and farro, and I had two (big) glasses of red wine.

Not Your Average Joe's Cider Chicken

I had Veteran’s Day off from work on Wednesday. Despite having the option to sleep in, I still woke up at 5:15am for Emily’s 6am cycle and core class. As usual, it kicked my butt. Liz also trekked to Oak Square to be with us, and we had a gym girls breakfast date at Cafenation after class. I left feeling very grateful for those friends. <3

Gym Friends

Cafenation Breakfast

The midweek vacation day was also much needed! I was able to tackle some things that I’ve been putting off doing lately: backing up my computer, some blog stuff, getting my recertification paperwork together for both group ex and personal training. Not the most exciting, but I needed that kind of day. My dad stopped by for dinner, and we enjoyed an old F&F favorite for dinner (loaded chicken, black bean, and veggie casserole) while planning my mom’s 60th birthday party coming up!

Loaded Chicken Casserole

On Thursday I came home to a really sweet surprise from Tim. I’ve been complaining somewhat incessantly lately about the lack of natural light in our apartment for taking good food photos. I think he just got sick of hearing me, so he ordered me this contraption off Amazon. It was kind of funny to walk up the stairs and see this just standing there in my office. Now I have to figure out how to use it. And maybe get a real camera?


We also had the chicken casserole for dinner on Thursday before heading down to Westwood for a wake. Our friend Doug’s father sadly passed away this week, and we went to the services to be there for him. After the wake, we got beers with our friends Brett and Jamie in Norwood Center, and Doug and Carolyn met us there for a few once things wrapped up at the funeral home.

No easy transition here, so I’ll just keep going…

Aside from the spin classes I already mentioned, I lifted on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m feeling strong this week, as I’ve increased weight in my barbell front squats (85 pounds) and my Romanian barbell deadlifts (125 pounds). Today’s workout will be yoga with the girls at Inner Strength, and I’ll get my third lift in tomorrow morning.


Finally, here are the rest of the food pics I snapped this week:

Food pictures

  1. Yogurt breakfast bowls with pomegranate, slivered almonds, and unsweetened coconut.
  2. Salad with shredded chicken and tomatoes.
  3. Acorn squash and apple quinoa bake <—-yesterday’s recipe post!
  4. And OMG the best new to me food: Trader Joe’s sunflower seed butter. Tim and I ate the entire jar in three days. By that I mean that Tim had about two spoonfuls while I devoured the rest. I cannot believe how delicious this is and that I haven’t had it in my life until now.


Here’s your internet goodness for this weekend’s reading. So many recipes I want to try this week!

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Readers, let’s chat! What were the highlights of your week? What’s going on in your food or fitness worlds? Tell me about the last time someone complimented you, the last unexpected gift you received, or the last time you felt grateful for your friends?

Happy weekend everyone!