Hello, friends!  I am introducing a new series today called F&F Friday Favorites that I’m planning to run every Friday or every other Friday.  We’ll see.  In Friday Favorites, I plan on sharing my favorite blog posts, interesting articles, fun recipes, funny tweets, or anything else I’ve stumbled upon in the previous week that I think is worth sharing with you guys.  Some of my favorite bloggers out there take the time to compile posts like this each week, and I’d like to start recognizing others in the community here instead of just starring/bookmarking/saving everything to my inbox.  It’s a great way to engage a bit more.  Plus, isn’t everyone looking for a little it’s-almost-the-weekend-gotta-get-through-one-more-day reading material by the end of the week?  Enjoy!

Friday Favorites

Exercise & Healthy Living

  • In this post, Gina shares her tips and tricks for making a solo cardio sesh fly by.  I found myself nodding in agreement to each one!  I can’t stand boring cardio.
  • A common fitness question I’m asked is which type of plank is more effective, elbow plank or straight-arm plank?  Read the benefits of each here!
  • I mentioned the other week that I participated in my first Twitter Chat with several other Best Body Bootcamp peeps.  Tina followed up the Twitter chat with this wonderful post in which she listed 25 Best Body Bootcamp participants’ goals and action items.  Read on for inspiration.
  • You guys know I love themed workout playlists.  Well, the Recycle Studio bloggers posts their ride playlists all the time.  Here’s a Flo Rida one!  Perhaps next week…
  • Another Tina shout out.  Love this post on how to find your happy weight.  Sadly, too many people out there struggle with how they feel, the number on the scale, mind games, and more.  Finding a “happy place” can be a very hard thing, but I do think it’s achievable!


Extra, Extra

  • This article in the Huffington Post is definitely worth reading.  I can be guilty of “sweating the small stuff,” so it was nice to read what various health and wellness experts not only stress over, but what they are committing to STOP stressing over.
  • Jen started a super fun new weekly blog series called Winesday Wednesday.  Her first installment is up here!  Read on and participate next week, it’s open to both bloggers and non-bloggers.  Great way to find new drink ideas!
  • My social media BLEW UP on Wednesday over National Sibling Day?! I thought I was the only one super annoyed by this day, but then I saw this tweet from Kaylin!  So glad I wasn’t alone.


Let’s chat!
What web favorites have you stumbled upon this week?  Share in the comments!

Have a great weekend, everyone!