Yesterday felt like the first day of school!


Day 1 of new job went well.  I had a present on my desk waiting for me when I got to work.  Inside?

Cantaloupe!  Fresh from one of my new co-worker’s garden, and a “welcome to the group” card.  Fun!

I also had binder on my desk labeled “Athena’s Training Documents.”  Checklists, labels, project plans = love.

I think I’ll fit in nicely.


Workout included a 1.5 mile walk at lunch (another great part of my first day!) and then a cardio sesh on the elliptical at night, courtesy of Best Body Bootcamp

As always, these cardio workouts can be adapted for your cardio of choice.  As long as you are steadily increasing that incline/resistance, you will achieve the “mountain” feel of this one!

After my time on the elliptical, I did a six-minute core circuit where I did completed four moves for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off in a circuit format.  Each “round” was two minutes long.  Love ab burn.

Oh, and another awesome part of my day?  I went to work out at the Waltham Y to escape Oak Square for a bit and to see how close the Waltham site is to my new apartment.  I haven’t been there in YEARS, but three different women that used to take my class five years ago when I first taught there right out of college recognized me.  And they all eagerly asked if I was going to be teaching there again, all got disappointed when I said no, all told me they missed my classes, and all told me that I looked great and had lost weight.  Which is true since my time teaching there.  Talk about a confidence booster!  I’m surprised they even recognized/remembered me!


Dinner last night was me trying my hand at the squash casserole that I’ve seen many times on Peanut Butter Fingers.  I followed her recipe, but played with the amounts to make a larger portion.  I also added chopped green pepper to the mix, and replaced the bread with oats.  I think I had too many oats in my mix, but I just shook them off.


Should I rename it oat casserole?  Wah, I guess not every try can be a good one.  It still TASTED good.  That’s what I get for trying to stray from a recipe — I’m not very good at adapting.

Some better looking pics of the process:

The meat you see in there in the pre-oven photos is chicken sausage, a new discovery of mine.  Sometimes I get bored with chicken, so I decided to give chicken sausage a whirl on Sunday when Tim and I made English muffin pizzas and topped them with chicken sausage.  I loathe regular sausage (ew, ew, ew) but chicken sausage I can do.  For this dish, I used one with an apple flavoring and it really made the sausage stand out.

“It really made the sausage stand out.” —> That’s what she said?  Not gonna lie, I still giggle when I say, hear, and write the word sausage.


I feel like this post was kinda all over the place, but it will have to do.

Tell me either 1) about your day yesterday or 2) your favorite “That’s What She Said” joke.

No, really.