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By Achieve with Athena

My name is Athena Concannon, and I have helped dozens of time-strapped women break through their biggest fitness and nutrition blocks, realize that a stress free approach to wellness isn’t so out of reach, and create fit and healthy bodies they LOVE.

The thing is, not everyone is looking for a personal trainer.

Not everyone wants to be part of a group coaching program.

And not everyone needs 16 weeks of high touch 1:1 coaching with calls, check ins, and the whole she-bang.  

As I always say, there is no one size fits all approach to wellness! What works for one person might not necessarily be what works for someone else. It’s also completely normal to ebb and flow through various phases of a fitness journey and need different things at different times in your life.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to get started, but aren’t sure exactly where to start and need some help getting grounded. Should you focus on your fitness first? Nutrition? All of it? And OMG how?

Maybe you had a pretty solid routine going, but life recently got in the way for you and you feel like you need *something* to help you get back on track.

It’s possible you’ve recently hit a plateau and aren’t sure how to get things moving in the right direction again.

It’s also possible that you actually feel pretty good! You’re consistent with your fitness, and you aren’t struggling with much at all. You’re actually just really interested in taking your fitness to the next level and aren’t really sure the best ways to do that.

Sometimes you might feel you just need a little time with someone who can really listen to what’s going on in your life, someone who can ask you the right questions and give you gentle nudges where you need them the most, and someone who can help you pinpoint exactly where to go next to infuse some excitement, motivation, and results back into your routine.

This is how the idea for my Fit Body Breakthrough Sessions was born.

My 60-minute Fit Body Breakthrough sessions are for people who just need or want a little hand-holding and extra guidance!

Regardless of where you are in your journey, these sessions are based on your individual needs and are not limited to one particular area of health and fitness.

We will cover things like:

  • How to best structure your workouts so you can create the physique you are looking to achieve

  • How to efficiently use the limited time you have so you can reach your goals without having to spend all day in the gym or hours in the kitchen

  • Simple nutrition tweaks/swaps that can speed up fat loss and make all the difference for your hunger, energy, and cravings

  • Easy peasy meal prep ideas that are so delicious you won’t believe they are fat loss friendly

  • What thoughts or beliefs could be holding you back from taking the actions you keep telling yourself you just need to do!

Fit Body Breakthrough Sessions Include:

  • 60 minutes of coaching time that can be done in person if you are local to the Boston, MA area or via video conference if we are limited by distance

  • A pre-coaching workbook to help you get laser focused and help me have a better idea of what you would like to focus on

  • Thorough troubleshooting of any areas of concern you have: nighttime eating, working around injuries, how to find the time, how to handle dips in motivation ….seriously, whatever you want to explore, we will tackle it!

Most importantly, after our time together, you can expect to walk away with CONFIDENCE and CLARITY.

We will use the information you provide in your pre-coaching workbook to identify any areas for improvement and/or tweaks you can make to current health and fitness routine.

You will walk away from your Fit Body Breakthrough Session with a customized plan and very clear action steps on what you need to do next to overcome some of the holes in your fitness so you can reach your health and fitness goals.

You’ll feel so re-engaged and re-energized with your fitness that you’ll practically be skipping to the gym to implement the very simple and quick changes recommended for you!

Fit Body Breakthrough Sessions are for you if:

  • You have a decent handle on your health and fitness, but you still feel stuck in one or two areas and could use a little guidance on how to best move forward.
  • You haven’t been feeling like your usual fit self, and you would like some game-changing quick wins to get you feeling back to normal again.
  • You question your health and fitness approach in any way and simply want some reassurance on whether what you’re doing is effective and efficient. You don’t want to second guess yourself!
  • You like the idea of 1:1 fitness coaching and want the high touch support, but you can’t commit to a full 16-week program right now.
  • You are feeling a little low energy, maybe a little bored with your routine, and just need a little nudge with getting your fitness mo-jo back!
  • You love working out and eating healthy, but you know there is even more you can achieve and just want to talk shop with someone who actually gets it and knows their stuff!

Space is Limited!

Simply click the button below, make your payment, and within 20 minutes you will receive an email outlining all your next steps.

Fit Body Breakthrough Sessions$150 - Purchase Here
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You too, can break through!

"Spending this time with Athena was such a gift. Starting a wellness journey can often be very confusing, but Athena was able to ask me some great questions to help me figure out my why. She gently helped me peel back the layers and helped me figure out why I had so much fear around fitness and wellness. By the end of our call, I felt like I had a clear plan of action and and a straightforward path to begin a fitter, happier and healthier life."

"My Fit Body Breakthrough sessions with Athena helped me really hone in on my health and fitness goals and made me feel so much less overwhelmed! I've done a few, and during this time, Athena helped me identify what I want to work on, and each time I’ve met with her, she's also helped me get really clear on why. We’ve come up with concrete and DOABLE action plans for how I’ll accomplish those goals, rather than just talk about the goals themselves. Athena has made me feel extremely comfortable being vulnerable and has helped me to realize that the first step to any health journey is to be really grounded in what you’re trying to do! The time flies by, but it is so worth it! I’m so glad I’ve taken advantage of these jumpstart sessions with Athena!"

"I can honestly say that I felt better even after just talking about some of my body image hangups. I had never talked about this with anyone before, and just having the opportunity to say it out loud to someone other than my husband helped me so much! Athena listened and offered tangible, actionable tips for changes I could work on. She had several suggestions, but one piece of advice in particular instantly made a difference to me. It was simple, but so meaningful, and just this one small change has made such a huge difference in my life."

Now is the time! Your fit body breakthrough awaits!

Simply click the button below, make your payment, and within 20 minutes you will receive an email outlining all your next steps.

Fit Body Breakthrough Sessions$150 - Purchase Here
Not Sure? Book a FREE 30 Minute Connection Call!

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