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By Achieve with Athena

“I feel like Fit On the Go was tailor made for me. Between full time work with regular travel and two kids under the age of five, going to the gym was something I’d given up as “not for me.” I mean, when was I going to find an hour (or the energy) to go the gym or even do a home workout DVD?! The Fit On the Go workouts were the perfect answer. Short, straightforward, and scalable so that my super fit husband and I could do them together and feel like we both got a good workout in without burning up all the time we had after the kids went to bed or before they got up. The workouts provide great variety and lots of options for all fitness levels. Best of all, they don’t require fancy equipment so they are super easy to do whether you are home, on a business trip, or even on vacation!”.

Are you looking to maintain your lean, strong, and fit physique even in the midst of a crazy busy schedule?

Do you feel like there are some points in your life when you have your fitness totally in check?

You’re working out consistently, you’re eating well, and you have your regimented schedule to keep you on track.

You feel on top of the world because everything’s going according to plan. You’re organized and on top of it. You ARE a perfectionist, after all!

But then BOOM. Something interrupts your exact routine, and all of a sudden, things aren’t going to plan

Whether you’re thrown into a stressful new project at work, have to stay home unexpectedly with sick little ones, or your summer vacation plans (as fun as they might be!) are simply starting to take over your schedule, you feel overwhelmed and off track.

And just like that, your fitness is the very first thing to come off of your very full plate.

Whatever that slightest thing is, even if it’s simply not feeling motivated that day, it throws you off because if you can’t give it your all, then you can’t give it anything.

This all or nothing mindset gets you every time, and it’s exactly how the idea for Fit On the Go was born in summer 2017: to give you fitness options for days when life is just happening or you just aren’t feeling it!

Due to popular demand, I am so excited to introduce the new and improved Fit On the Go 2.0 program, along with its sister program, Lift On the Go!

Hi, I’m Athena Concannon, and while yes, I am a certified personal trainer and coach, I’m actually not that much different than you.

I want you to know that it wasn’t long ago that I was in your shoes.

As a former corporate 9-5 girl, I struggled with balancing my fitness, my career, and my personal life, even though the perfectionist in me would NEVER admit it.

Every Sunday night, I’d sit down with my planner and schedule my workouts to a T. I truly believed that more exercise done equaled more calories burned, so you bet I was budgeting in a LOT of workout time.

This often meant leaving no free time for myself, my friends and family, or even any wiggle room for those days my perfectly scheduled schedule went awry!

If life got in the way and my workouts couldn’t happen in my ideal environment or way, they wouldn’t happen at all. And then I’d throw myself a pity party about how I just “couldn’t” get to the gym or about how it was so unfair my favorite group fitness class was canceled.

My workout would go right out the window, but in reality, I was too stubborn about my ways to see so many other viable options right in front of me! 

Other times, I’d be completely mentally drained, but I’d force my long workouts to happen anyways. No wonder I was completely run down and exhausted, nevermind hungry all the time!

In either case, it led to a lot of beating myself up and negative self talk. And we all know what calling ourselves failures does for our motivation levels, ugh! 

It wasn’t until I had an a-ha moment and decided that there had to be a better way, that fitness stopped consuming my life.

I gave myself permission to stop stressing about my workouts. I started allowing myself to simply do my best, even if it wasn’t according to plan.

I began trusting that if my routine ebbed and flowed a bit, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, and guess what? It wasn’t.

Nowadays, I have no trouble maintaining my physique and prioritizing my health while being a successful entrepreneur, even though I’m actually much busier now than I was when I worked my corporate job! Go figure.

I’ve created a pretty amazing new normal for myself, and I am passionate about helping other time-strapped women who also have a lot going on create more freedom around their fitness so they can spend more time with their families and keep killing it in their careers without the burnout.

After making the switch from all or nothing marathon workouts to shorter and more intense onesmy clients learn – just like I did –that:

  • Longer isn’t better – it certainly doesn’t mean more efficient or effective!
  • Endless cardio is NOT what gets us the strong and lean bodies that we LOVE.
  • By taking away so much of the pressure and simply allowing our fitness to be flexible, it actually keeps us on the workout wagon for the long haul, instead of always feeling so on again off again.
  • And when workouts feel like a chore and yet another thing to cross off the never-ending to do list, it sucks the fun right out of them. Of COURSE we won’t be as successful with getting them done!

Fit On the Go is the better way! How does this sound?

  • Being more productive and having more energy. How can you expect to have ANY energy when all you do is either work, parent, spend hours in the gym, or beat yourself up for not getting to the gym? My girls no longer feel like they are trying to pour from an empty cup. 

  • Getting your cravings and appetite under control. What a change to no longer feel constantly ravenous from super long workouts! It’s a fat-loss game changer.  

  • Not being injured and aching all the time. My clients understand the importance of slowing down, and now they prioritize rest and recovery too.

  • Not having your whole life centered around when you’ll get to the gym. Join the group of us who did away with the extreme Sunday night planning process all together and have learned to be more go with the flow and creative with our workouts.

  • And most significantly, on days when life happens, a workout still happens. This might be a 10 minute hotel room workout before heading to dinner with colleagues. It might be a few sprints at the local track. The mothers I coach take advantage of playground workouts with other moms because that’s where they can get fitness time, social time, and still be with their kids all at the same time. 

TRUSTING that short and sweet workouts can be more effective than long ones has truly been life changing for me and my clients. By letting our workouts be a little less perfect, they’ve certainly become a whole lot more consistent.


I understand that it’s REALLY hard to believe that if you don’t exercise for a long time, it still counts as a “true workout.” I understand that it feels really hard to believe that shorter workouts can actually be better for you.

Trust me, I get it.

But I’d say my fitness successes have more to do with my mindset shifts than anything else:

  • I stopped being so hardcore.
  • I diversified not only my workouts themselves, but also where and when I’d even consider getting them done, taking away that looming pressure that often stops us right in our tracks.
  • And I truly started believing that something is better than nothing and that consistency will always beat perfection.

These mindset shifts are what got me to where I am today.

My job allows me to speak with women every single day who struggle to fit fitness into their lives because of their all or nothing mentality. In the past year alone, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of women who feel this way! 

This never-ending pursuit of perfection is hands down the biggest thing holding you back from achieving the health you desire, and I can’t drive it home enough: you DO have the time, you DON’T have to feel 100% motivated in order to make it happen, it’s OKAY if it’s off routine, and you DON’T need to spend hours in the gym to get the results you want. 

Fitness simply does not need to feel like a struggle, and I want you to stop overcomplicating it! Give yourself permission to do LESS.

“Ever since I had my son 10 months ago, I just can’t seem to find the time to make fitness the priority it used to be. By the time my husband gets home from work, the last thing I want to do is rush out of the house and spend my precious evening hours at the gym. I would occasionally go jogging with my baby, but no matter how many miles I logged, I didn’t see the results I wanted to on my body. I was starting to feel that it was impossible to both juggle my role as a mom and maintain my fitness. That’s when I signed up for Athena’s Fit On the Go program. Now I am much more consistent with my workouts because I can always find a few minutes to squeeze in something. Athena’s Fit On the Go approach has completely revolutionized my approach to working out and made it something extremely accessible that I can easily include in my daily routine without having to worry about childcare or missing out on valuable family or me time. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”


What is Fit On the Go?

Fit On the Go is a method that will:


    The metabolic nature of the Fit On the Go workouts will help you burn fat more effectively and create a physique change that hours of steady state cardio or overdoing it in the gym simply won’t get you.

    You won’t feel the need to throw in the towel when life gets in the way. You won’t feel like you are constantly on and off the wagon. Because Fit On the Go workouts are so efficient and can be done literally anywhere, you’ll actually have the time to fit them in when you’re busy. You’ll actually be able to convince yourself to get up and get going when you’re feeling drained or unmotivated. 
    You’ll no longer say “I was doing sooooo good until [your excuse here]” because your exercise will be automatic and effortless.

    You’ll learn to be less rigid when it comes to your workout schedule. You’ll realize that getting creative when things don’t go as planned is key, and you’ll know how to maintain your fitness regardless of whether you are busy with your kids, on vacation, or swamped at work.

    Because all the Fit On the Go workouts are 30 minutes or less (with the shortest workout in the program being FOUR minutes!), you will have more time to do all the other things that your life demands from you. Maybe you’ll even have some more time for YOU!

It’s simple! Fit On the Go gives you powerful workouts that:

✅ Don’t require big, expensive, and bulky equipment. 

✅ Are travel friendly and can be done ANYWHERE.

✅ Are short and sweet, but still effective! 

✅ Don’t leave you feeling like you’ve fallen short with your fitness (this is HUGE!)

✅ Are full of variety to keep your fitness FUN and FRESH! 


What Does Fit On the Go 2.0 Bring You?

  • Over 60 brand spanking new workouts, separated into different on the go categories: band, bench, bodyweight, power ups, sprints, stairs, playground, jump rope, and more! 
  • All new professionally filmed video tutorials to take away any confusion about what it is you should be doing. The new video library component replaces the old photo tutorials and exercise glossary to decrease the amount of program materials. 

  • All new warmup and cool-down guide so you know exactly what to do before and after your workouts.
  • An updated Fit On the Go user manual with everything you need to know about the workouts and the program in one centralized place.

And finally, Fit On the Go 2.0 also comes with access to its BRAND NEW sister program, Lift On the Go! 

Lift On the Go includes 50+ additional workouts, still all 30 minutes or less, but using dumbbells – making this addition perfect for those who have access to weights in  hotel gyms, at home, or who can pack up their weights in the car during summer road trips.

“As a consultant who travels every week for work, Athena’s Fit On the Go program has helped me maintain my fitness on the road and has enhanced my usual workout routine. I have done these workouts in hotel rooms before 6am flights, in local parks, in hotel gyms, in my own apartment, and even in my office during a late night at work! Athena has designed a unique program that is appealing to people at all levels and in all different phases of life. Aside from the program itself, Athena is an incredible person to work with and support. In an industry that is growing so rapidly, making it harder to separate the good from the bad, Athena is truly one of the best. Her knowledge, attitude, and realistic approach to living a healthy, maintainable lifestyle makes her workouts that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend everyone buys the Fit On the Go program, as well as anything else Athena has to offer.”


I used to be someone who took two or three Zumba classes back to back. If I couldn’t make it to class, I wouldn’t work out at all. When I hired Athena to get myself into a routine, Athena asked me to give her 12 weeks and to trust the Fit On the Go process. I trust Athena, I did NOT trust the process, but in I went, and I have lost over 20 pounds. I travel a lot, all over the country and world for work, and I no longer have an excuse to not exercise. It’s not all or nothing, and my fitness is no longer dependent on whether or not I can make it to a class. My new Fit On the Go approach to my workouts can go on the road to a hotel room floor in Venice, a cruise ship balcony in the Greek Isles, a conference center in Seattle, or the bedroom in my beach house. I used to think that 15-30 minutes was not a real workout. I was wrong. I have SO much energy, I am SO much stronger, I eat WAY less, and I HAVE SO MUCH FREE TIME. It’s completely counterintuitive, and I still can’t believe it. But it´s working!”


What is Lift On the Go?

The ALL NEW Lift On the Go purchase option allows you to:

  • Enhance your on the go workout collection with 50+ additional dumbbell workouts that can be done anywhere – no sweaty gym required! 
  • Complement and/or take your Fit On the Go 2.0 workouts to the next level by adding the weight component to help you burn fat even more efficiently and build curves in all the right places. 
  • Have access to even more video tutorials showing you how to properly use the dumbbells to minimize your risk of injury. 
  • Learn to LOVE lifting weights, even if you’ve never lifted a weight in your life or don’t love using weights currently!

“Fit On the Go has been just what I needed! About two months ago, I hit a plateau in group classes. I also was spending an hour in class and sometimes 30-40 min getting there and back. Just like that, two hours of my day would be gone! Fit On the Go helped me realize that I can get solid movement in 25 minutes or less with a good sweat! Knowing the workout is shorter, I push myself harder because I don’t need to pace myself for an hour. All of the workouts are speedy and easy to follow, and I love that I can make any of the workouts easier or harder depending on what I’m craving for the day! I am thrilled to have all these workouts to go with me anywhere, especially on my weekends away and summer trips! So yes, next time you ask, I’ll take my fitness to go please!”


“The Fit On the Go workouts are phenomenal! I am someone who was honestly convinced that I HAD to go to the gym to get a really good workout. I certainly never thought I could achieve the definition I wanted by working out at home. Athena’s workouts offer the challenging exertion I was looking for and can be performed almost anywhere I happen to be! I no longer have an excuse to skip my training on the days when my schedule doesn’t permit me to get to the gym. The best part of it all is that I am achieving my fitness goals without having to spend hours doing it!”


“I’m someone who has historically fallen into the all or nothing trap when it comes to fitness: if I couldn’t make it to the gym for at least an hour, I would consider it not good enough and skip it.
Fit On the Go has definitely helped me to completely change my thinking about what I can do in a short amount of time without going to the gym, and now I really have no excuses! The program has so many different workouts and moves in so many different formats with optional modifications, all of which can be done in less than 20 minutes, and it’s up to me to decide what I want to do with any given workout. I like getting to choose my own adventure!”


“Fit On the Go is a great toolkit for any time of year, but it’s especially valuable for staying active in the summer. Initially I found that it was a great resource when I wanted a change from my usual gym routine but didn’t want to sacrifice all strength movement. And then I consulted the workouts while traveling professionally and personally. Sometimes hotel gyms have limited equipment, so it was great to flip through the FOTG workouts to supplement or modify a hotel gym workout or to replace the gym entirely. I used various parts of the deck at my parents’ house for bench workouts while visiting family, and while on a safari in Tanzania all I needed was a towel to do all the body weight exercises. My husband used the support beam of our banda to add in the chin ups! FOTG is great for diversifying your normal routine or to alleviate the all-or-nothing feeling when life takes you out of your routine.”


Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of equipment do I need?

There is no equipment required in order to purchase this program. However, to get the most out of this program, it is recommended you invest in a variety of inexpensive resistance bands. Recommendations are made in the user manual. There are also a few workouts that utilize a jump rope, or require you to get creative with non-traditional equipment like park benches or stairs, but everything can be modified with a no equipment necessary mentality! For Lift On the Go, all the workouts will require dumbbells.

How long are the workouts?

The shortest workout in the program is four minutes and the longest is 30. Everything else falls somewhere in between!

Do I have to do the workouts in any specific order?

No. However, included in the program will be sample programming calendars that take the guesswork out of it.

What if I am currently doing another program?

That’s fine! A few of the programming calendars will provide suggestions for how to incorporate Fit On the Go workouts while doing other types of exercise. Ultimately, the beauty of the program is that you can purchase it and save it for when the time is right for you. But what better time than now? 😉

Can beginners do this program?

Fit On the Go was designed with the intermediate exerciser in mind. Beginners can certainly do this program, however the expectation is that everyone will honor their bodies and make adjustments as needed for their individual circumstances. Each workout comes with modification suggestions, both regressions and progressions, and the program is designed to be as all-encompassing as possible.

Is there any coaching that goes along with this program?

Nope! Fit On the Go is a do it yourself (DIY) exercise program. Because it’s DIY and you will not have access to me in a coaching capacity once you’ve purchased the program, I’ve made sure to include as much supplemental information as possible in all of the accompanying resources. If you are looking for more of a customized 1:1 program, please click here:

What happens once I purchase?

Upon purchasing the program, you will receive an email from me at with all the information you will need. If you do not see your email come in, please check your spam.

“I use Athena’s Fit On the Go workouts during the week and feel very satisfied. They work wonders for me because I can adjust them to my mood for each day. If I don’t sleep well, I remain consistent by working out, but perhaps for not as long, and I modify the intensity. On other days, if I am feeling great, I’ll sometimes do a 15 minute bodyweight workout followed by a 15 minute band workout. The Fit On the Go workouts are very manageable, time efficient, and the results are amazing. My body never fully bounced back after delivering 4 children, but by doing these 20 or 30 minute workouts, the results have been incredible around my midsection, arms, legs, and most importantly the smile on my face! I am having a good time challenging myself with new moves, and now I have more time to spend with my growing children!”


“During my company’s busy season, my career becomes all consuming. Early mornings and late nights at the office quickly become the norm rather than the exception. Athena’s approach allows me to keep my health and wellness in check. Fit On the Go makes fitness attainable, empowering, and it supports a balanced lifestyle, whether it’s in my office with the door closed, at home after a long day, or on the road!”


“As a full-time working mom of an almost 1 year old, with a spouse who travels for work, the Fit On the Go style workouts have been amazing for me! Before connecting with Athena, I’d fall into an all or nothing thinking pattern. If I couldn’t go to the gym and do what I felt was an “official” workout, I wouldn’t do anything at all. Now I’m working on squeezing in what I can, where I can. Nap times, after bed time, or even with the baby in the stroller, looking at me like I’m nuts! 😂It’s made working out so much more approachable and possible!”


Why did I create Fit on the Go?

I created #FitOnTheGo because I never want to hear you say that you can’t get a workout in ever again. 

We ALL have 20 minutes, plain and simple.

And on a day that it feels like you REALLY don’t, you have five. Both Fit On the Go 2.0 and Lift On the Go have entire sections dedicated to 5 minute power ups for days just like this. 

And let’s be honest, summer is here, so we all know that there are going to be those days that you just need something QUICK in order for your workout to get done.

Days when:

  • You would rather spend time outside in the nice weather instead of inside your gym walls.
  • You have a jam-packed schedule full of activities for your kids who are out of school
  • You have travel plans up the wazoo between vacations, day trips, and weekends away
  • You want to enjoy a sunny evening with your family or friends instead of spending 60 minutes in a group exercise class… you can do that when it gets dark early in November!
  • You simply would just rather rather hit the beach or enjoy a glass of rose on an outdoor patio! Nothing wrong with that!

You can choose to get Fit On the Go and be fully equipped to handle ANY schedule conflict, mood, motivation slump, or pesky interruption that comes your way.

Or you can choose the alternative: going back to your usual ways of being a victim, not getting your workout in, and complaining that your life is a mess.

And don’t even get me started on how much you’ll continue to struggle with “finding motivation!” 

Without Fit On the Go, you will keep struggling to lose weight, and being a perfectionist will continue to hold you down. 

Don’t let that be your choice. I made this program with you in mind, and I have your back on this. Trust me like the girls above did, and YOU WILL see the results you desire. Maybe even some you didn’t expect! 

This time, give yourself permission to make a better choice, and say yes to yourself.

Say yes to Fit On the Go.

Even better, say yes to Lift On the Go too.

“Last year, I purchased Fit On the Go for when I was going on vacation. The hotel I was staying at did not have a gym, and I wanted some exercises to do when I was out on my walk. I’ve since used Fit On the Go on many trips without gym access and even refer to it when Nor’easter storms hit and I don’t want to leave the house! Speaking from experience, each time I use a Fit on the Go routine, my body definitely feels it because it forces me to use muscle groups I don’t normally use and challenge myself in new ways. Thanks, Athena!”


I’m pulling for you and can’t wait to add your testimonial to my ever-growing list of Fit On the Go fans! 

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