Hi everyone!

How’s the week going?  I seem to be fighting a severe case of reunion induced exhaustion with a side of a sore throat.  I think from too much fist pumping and pretending that my 26-year-old body can handle what my 20-year-old body used to?

Moving right along.

A Few Fitness Announcements

—> Anyone heard of Boston Moves for Health?  Check out this link — it’s Mayor Menino’s “ambitious campaign to improve the health and fitness of our city.”  He is proposing a Million Pound Challenge and hopes we all can move 10 million miles this year.  Through his free wellness portal you are able to set personal health goals, map walks and runs, find new workouts, get nutrition tips, track your progress, and team up with friends to coordinate group activities and support each other along the way.  I obviously think this is AMAZING and support it 100%!  I also saw an article in the Globe today that as part of this campaign there will be free fitness classes offered in City Hall Plaza.  Anyone wanna go?!


—> You guys know CBC, the kickboxing studio I go to in Somerville?  Click over to this link and vote CBC as the number one Kickboxing class in Boston on the Boston A-List!  Help us get this award two years in a row!

—> Who is around this Saturday?  Andrew Haynes (founder of CBC) and the Boston area Corpbasics Instructors (self included) will be having a fundraiser on Saturday June 9th from 1-3pm in the Group Ex Studio at the Oak Square YMCA! $5 per person for both Y and non-Y members, and all proceeds go toward the Reach Out program.  To register please email Liz @ egregg@ymcaboston.org!  This is going to be a really fun event and open to all so please consider coming to see what all this CBC hype is all about!


—> Two new classes are being offered at the Y!  Thursdays at 6:30pm we have added “Kickboxing + Core” which will be about 45 minutes of Kickboxing followed by 15 minutes of Abs.  Fridays at 6:00am we have added “Cardio + Core” which is more of a 20/20/20 format of Kix, Cutz, and floor work.  Both classes are on a rotating instructor schedule, and neither are classes you have to sign up for (yet).

—>  Also, I’m taking personal training clients at the Y now.  If you are interested, send me an email!

Twenty Minute Abs for Tuesday

Quick Warmup
Step touches reaching arms overhead, across the body, and then twisting

Standing Abs Series

Inchworm Series
Start standing at the edge of your mat.  Without bending the knees, roll through the spine and reach toward your feet.  Walk yourself out so you are in a plank.  Do 1 pushup, then hold for 5 seconds.  Walk your hands back, then roll up through the spine.  Repeat 3 times.  Then do 3 more reps, this time with 2 pushups.  Then do 3 more reps, this time with 3 pushups, and adding side planks to each side at the end.  <—- Sweaty one!

Floor Series
First, an Ab Ladder!

  • 50 Crunches
  • 40 Heel Taps
  • 30 Weighted Russian Twists
  • 20 V-Ups (killer!)
  • 10 Second Supine 6 Inch Hold

Finishing with a one minute elbow plank with alternating leg lifts and forward/back rolls.

Stretch and done!  My abs feel this today.

Anyone have any questions about anything I announced in this post?  Shoot me an email and let me know! 

Out for now!