I haven’t talked about workouts lately, so that’s what you guys get today! The last time we chatted about how fitness is going in my life, I told you I was scaling back a bit on strength workouts in order to adjust for a busy schedule. Now that we’re fully into fall, I feel more “regular” with my workout choices.

I haven’t been posting weekly workouts on Mondays anymore. My workouts are no longer as varied as they used to be, and I don’t want to bore you guys. I am still following the Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training program, and you’ll notice a lot of my updates will just say push strength, pull strength, or lower body strength, depending on the day. I’m doing a lot more teaching only in my group ex classes (as opposed to doing the workout with the group), and I’m staying after class to do pure strength on my own at 7am when the gym is pretty empty. This month I tried front barbell squats for the first time ever, and I’m definitely feeling more comfortable with them. I’m also progressing on my band assisted chin-ups, but still not able to do an un-assisted one. I’m definitely still getting there, and it’s nice to feel the improvement.

Also new on the fitness front is that I tried November Project for the first time. If you’ve never heard of NP, it’s a free fitness movement that was born in Boston and has now spread to cities all over the U.S. For my locals, the group meets on Mondays at various locations around the city for Destination Deck, on Wednesdays for stadium runs at Harvard, and on Fridays at Summit Ave for hill runs. I’ve attended two stadium runs now, and they are HARD. But they kick my ass, humble me, and leave me feeling so great all day long. It’s a little intimidating at first, but everyone is really friendly and welcoming. I’m definitely glad I went with some of my gym friends though! Plus it’s easier to get out of bed that early when you’ve made the commitment to someone else.

November Project

For those of you who might be missing the weekly workout plans, here’s what the past few weeks have looked like:

Workouts: Sunday 9/7 – Saturday 9/13


  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: 3 mile run + an ab circuit with the Dynamax ball
  • Tuesday: Taught a bodyweight class, push strength
  • Wednesday: Emily’s spin class
  • Thursday: Taught a partner themed stations class, pull strength
  • Friday: 3 mile run
  • Saturday: Lower body strength

Workouts: Sunday 9/14 – Saturday 9/20

gym friends

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: Push strength with Mary in Waltham
  • Tuesday: Taught and did timed circuits in my 6am
  • Wednesday: Woke up in the 4am hour to do November Project with Mary and Steph
  • Thursday: Taught upper body in class, pull strength workout
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Went to a barre class with Liz, courtesy of the sweetgreen passport program

Workouts: Sunday 9/21 – Saturday 9/27

September Workouts

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: 3 mile run
  • Tuesday: Since I couldn’t stay and do push strength on my own, I taught and did a variation of it for class
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Taught a lower body workout in class, pull strength workout
  • Friday: Took a barre class at Exhale in NYC with Erica and Bridget for a pre-wedding weekend workout
  • Saturday: Off

Workouts: Sunday 9/28 – Saturday 10/4


  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: 3 mile run with Tim
  • Tuesday: Taught a stations class, push strength with a 10 minute spin bike finisher
  • Wednesday: Lower body strength workout
  • Thursday: Taught and did an interval class with my 6am crowd, then taught the Athleta bootcamp event
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Pull strength workout

–Let’s chat–
What is fitness looking like for you lately? What goals are you working on? Do you feel like you are in more of a routine now that fall is here?