Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Simply 100, all opinions are my own.

I am someone who tends to get stressed out pretty easily. However, I also have a lot of self awareness, which is a huge help for knowing my stress triggers (not having enough time/feeling like I’m not in control) and the things that help me feel a little more balanced (movement, organizing, time with friends, WINE…).

I’ve realized over the years that stress management strategies don’t necessarily need to be all consuming or big life changes. Often times the things that help me feel the most grounded actually don’t take much time at all. And one thing that I’m always reminding myself of (okay, Tim is always reminding me) is that sometimes if you just take a step back from the things that you feel like you just HAVE to do, you’ll actually feel more productive and less stressed in the long run. He’s right. The more time I spend stressing about not having time, the less time I have. It’s such a simple concept, yet it’s something many people struggle with I think.

Today I want to share five actions and habits that I’ve cultivated over the past few years that help me find daily balance.

Five Actions That Help Me Find Daily Balance

Mapping out my weeks ahead of time
On Sunday nights, it really helps me to sit down for a few minutes and let my brain absorb what the upcoming week has in store. I look at my work obligations and figure out what building I need to be in because we have eight locations in Massachusetts, and I don’t want to waste any time being in the wrong place. From there I map out what my workouts will be, often based on location for convenience. When looking at my calendar, I also try to make sure I have enough time for fun as well as chunks of time where we simply don’t have plans. And this one is probably old news, but of course I like to meal plan and food prep whenever I can, without letting it dictate my entire weekend. If it can’t happen, it can’t happen, but I always feel better when it does!

Sitting outside
Whether it be going for a run, enjoying a snack on our new porch, or just sitting and let the sun hit my face for a few minutes, the fresh air helps me de-stress, feel more calm, and unwind.

Five Actions That Help Me Find Daily Balance

Making time for breakfast
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and it is crazy how different my body feels if I skip breakfast or don’t consume enough protein or fiber at the beginning of the day. Making time for breakfast helps me feel less fatigued and more balanced, it energizes me throughout the day, and it keeps me from getting hangry or overeating later. Some of my favorite breakfast foods include eggs, fresh fruit, and yogurt to keep me full throughout the morning. Lately I’ve been eating the Chobani Simply 100 raspberry lemon, and Tim has been enjoying their citrus blend.

Chobani Simply 100

We packed some of the Simply 100 yogurts for a recent weekend getaway to Newport, and it was nice to be able to enjoy a quick and healthier breakfast (the yogurts have no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or artificial sweeteners) while traveling, nevermind save a little money from not going out for breakfast two days in a row!

I am probably too connected to social media, and Tim is probably too connected to the TV. However, even though Tim turns the TV on even before he brushes his teeth in the morning (drives me nuts), and I am constantly scrolling through Instagram (drives him nuts), we make a point to disconnect from technology for at least 15-20 minutes together every night. Whether this is to eat dinner or just to talk, we make it a priority, because in the craziest days, that’s our time together.

Writing in a gratitude journal
I’m still working on this one, but I’m trying to regularly write down three things I’m thankful for before I go to bed every night. I find it helps me complain less, end the day on a good note, and ultimately makes me a better person to be around.

Gratitude Journal

Readers, let’s chat! What simple habits help you find balance in your lives? What’s your favorite balanced breakfast? Have you tried any Chobani Simply 100 flavors before? Do you keep a gratitude journal?