I normally pride myself in having a really good memory.

This week?  Not so much.

Monday I forgot to pack a bra in my overnight bag when I stayed at Tim’s.  That’s right, folks.  I was too lazy to drive that really long mile back to my house in the morning to get one, so I went bra-less to work.  Thank God I had a shelf tank with me.

Then yesterday I had the most forgetful kind of morning, all before 8am!  I had to be at work earlier than normal, so I packed my gym bag from the night before preparing to shower at the gym and head to work right from the Y.  Usually I drive home in between.  Of course I forgot my ironed outfit so that didn’t go as planned.  And I forgot the sumo squat move I was teaching in class and completely messed it up.  AND on the way out I forgot I parked on the street instead of in the parking lot and was running around like a loony.


Luckily for my friend Shannon, I didn’t forget to go on random.org this morning to choose a winner for my Fiorella’s Express gift card giveaway.  Shannon, you won!  Please contact me so you can enjoy that Caprese salad.  🙂

And before I forget too many other things from this week….

Five Scenes from the Week

1.  Tomatoes and peppers that Jen brought me from her parents’ garden as a thank you for letting her stay at my apartment twice last weekend.  You can only imagine how thrilled I was (still am because this is a NEVER ENDING BOWL) by this.

2.  The dinner Tim made us on Monday (and Tuesday) night.  I just love these apple topped pork chops.  Was kind of a sneak peek into fall and all the awesome food flavors it brings.

3.  My workout playlist of choice for the week.  Inspired by the “Replay” page on the Recycle Studio blog.

4.  The 40 minute cardio workout I did this morning, courtesy of Best Body Bootcamp.  I chose to do this on my favorite cardio machine (elliptical), but you can do this on any cardio machine you want.  The point of this interval workout is longer intervals (7 or 10 minutes strong) followed by 3 minute recovery periods.  You can adapt the resistance or settings to fit your ability levels or the machine you choose!  You could also do this on a run outside, etc.  Lots of options.

5.  The mini “cheesecake” bites I made for a work lunch yesterday.  So easy, yummy, and not bad for you at all!  Recipe coming soon.  Excuse the crappy picture, the flash on my phone wasn’t working correctly.

That’s about it!  Today I’m working from home, doing last-minute packing and running around, and then tomorrow I’m MOVING – I can’t believe it.

Have you ever had a day where you felt like you just couldn’t remember anything!?

Happy Friday!