Get organized, get intentional, and create your flexible 2021 fitness plan – on your own terms.


January 25th – January 29th

Get clarity on what you want for your fitness life this year and the confidence you need to put – and keep – your goals in action all year long.

 During this FREE 5-day event, you will learn how to quiet the #NewYearsNoise and overwhelm, stop getting distracted by what everyone else is doing, and get in alignment about what fitness endeavors feel energizing and exciting for YOU so you can continue to grow and evolve in your ongoing wellness journey.

After all, wellness isn’t something that has a stop date!

Free up your mental energy and optimize your time by knowing exactly WHAT to focus on, WHEN to do it, WHY you’re doing it in the first place, and HOW to get there – all while making sure you put your needs and values first.


Is it even a planning party without an agenda?


Day 1: The Consistency Trap

Instead of reviewing a list of dos and donts about New Year’s resolutions, or repeating the same old messaging about how to set SMART goals, cut right to the chase and uncover the #1 key to lasting changes that most fitness and nutrition programs glaze right over –  yes, even the programs that don’t have you focusing on the scale or restriction! Before you get bogged down in the details, learn what long term sustainable actually means, how to appropriately manage your expectations right out of the gate, and let this be the foundation that guides you through any goal you set out to reach.


Day 2: The Goals You Didn't Know You Could Have

Diet culture conditions us to think that weight loss, weight loss, weight loss is the only goal a woman can have. It’s not! Explore what types of fitness goals exist beyond the scale, and pinpoint what feels really exciting for you to work on throughout the year. If losing weight IS what you want, cool! We’ll make sure you understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss and also talk about why focusing on fat loss all the time is damaging to your metabolism. 


Day 3: Adopting an Athlete Mindset

Athletes approach their sports with a mindset of pre-seasons, on seasons, and off seasons, and you can approach your fitness this way too. Learn how you can apply the concept of organized training cycles to your own fitness goals, and discover the essential factors that must be considered ahead of time when plugging these into your calendar for the year. Get the game changing lessons for being more flexible when life happens and accepting ebbs and flows as being an inevitable and natural part of the wellness process.


Day 4: Overcoming Overthinking

It’s totally normal for fears to come up when setting goals, especially if you are approaching something in a new way than you have in the past. Dive into some of the most common worries that come up for women when approaching fitness goals this new cyclical point of view. Understand what blocks may come up and get the tools you need to work through any “what ifs” and uncertainties as they arise (because you know they will!).


Day 5: Putting It All Together

Finally, wrap up the week by bringing it all together. Learn the nutrition, sleep, and stress considerations for what you’re setting out to accomplish, whether this be putting on some muscle, working on that first pushup, or developing a healthier relationship with rest and recovery. Get extra tips and coaching in real time, make sure your strategy feels fluid and flexible with the ability to pivot if needed, and take the opportunity to ask any questions you have before you set out to put your plan into action!

Hi, I’m Athena.

I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and the owner and founder of Achieve with Athena. I help ambitious women create an intentional and empowered approach to fitness and nutrition so they can get strong, increase their confidence, and live their lives more fully and freely – without being bogged down by perfectionism, overwhelm, and diet culture influences.

As someone who’s worked in the fitness industry for 15+ years with hundreds of women, I know all too well the frustrations that January can bring:

  • You see the #NewYearNewYou messaging EVERYWHERE and feel pressured to overhaul a lot of what I’m willing to guess you’re already doing pretty well.
  • Perhaps you’re a few weeks in to the month, and seeing everyone else on social media “crushing it” is making you feel a sense of being “behind” where you should be. In reality, you simply haven’t been in the right headspace to get grounded. 
  • Maybe you do love the fresh start feeling January brings, but you’re seeing posts everywhere saying you don’t need a resolution, that you don’t need to change, and that you can set goals any time. And while that last one is true, if this time of year DOES give you momentum to make a change, who’s to say you shouldn’t?!

  • Or it could just be that life has already gotten in the way (are we still in 2020?!), and you’re wondering: how am I supposed to do the things I want to do in my fitness for the long haul, when I can’t even do them how I want to be doing them for a couple of weeks?


This is why I put together my first ever Planning Party for the end of this month: January 25th-January 29th.

Whether you’re on team #JanuaryGoals right away or you are someone who needs a few weeks to ease into the swing of things doesn’t matter. What matters is learning how to think properly about your goals in the first place so that you aren’t setting yourself up for failure!

I am so excited to bring you this Planning Party and reveal the exact steps you can start taking to create a more focused, intentional, but also an adaptable approach to your fitness for the rest of the year. Let me show you how structure and flexibility CAN co-exist and get you the results you want.

Planning Party Schedule

 The Planning Party will be held over Zoom on the following dates and times:

Monday 1/25 at 12:00pm EST  |  9:00am PST

Tuesday 1/26 at 4:00pm EST  |  1:00pm PST

Wednesday 1/27 at 12:00pm EST  |  9:00am PST

Thursday 1/28 at 4:00pm EST  |  1:00pm PST

Friday 1/29 at 12:00pm EST  |  9:00am PST

Each session will be around 20 minutes in length to keep things bite-sized. Each will also have a replay posted if you cannot attend in real time. You’ll also receive an accompanying planning worksheet with prompts you can use to dive deeper and enhance your Planning Party experience.

Ready to party?

Upon signing up, you will receive an email within 10-15 minutes to your inbox containing the links and information you need. If you do not receive it, check your spam and promotions folders. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email at info@achievewithathena.com.

The party starts in...








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