Happy *almost* weekend!

I don’t have any Friday Favorites this week because I haven’t done any blog reading this week.  Wah wuh.  I’m looking forward to catching up in the blog world this weekend and will hopefully have some new fun links and shares for you next week!

In the meantime…

— My back is feeling much better, and I haven’t even had to miss out on too many workout days this week either.  On Monday I did some light cardio and it really helped to just MOVE and loosen it up.  I haven’t lifted any heavy weights this week, but that forced me to switch gears into high rep low weight workouts and the change-up has been kind of nice!  I’m just glad that I’m not experiencing those awful spasms like I was last week anymore.

— Here’s a ten minute ab burner you can do this weekend!

10 Minute Weekend Ab Burner

— I got to catch up with some of my work friends last night.  Eileen, I know you took my survey and said your least favorite part about F&F is that you aren’t in it enough.  So here you are!  It was great to see you guys!

— An OFFICIAL Fitness & Feta congratulations to my college roomie Erica… and her new fiancée Chris!  Even though our awkward love can never be topped, I am so excited for you guys!

NYC 2011 072

— Speaking of college roommates, one of my other college roomies (Karla!) is living in Boston for two months.  We are planning to meet in Harvard Square to catch up tonight.  I’m so excited!

— New favorite workout song:  “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie.  From the Great Gatsby soundtrack.  It’s amazing.  Class goers, expect this on repeat next week.  Thank you Ashley for playing this in class last week!


— Check out these, uh, gems from when my parents hated me I was a little kid wearing high jeans.  Who is that BOY in yellow..?!  P.S. I had these same bangs from circa 1990-1997.  Oy.



— Last call for any guest posts during my vacation week coming up!  Let me know if you’d like to write one by emailing me at fitnessandfeta@gmail.com.

— Oh, and take my survey if you haven’t already.  I am going to keep it open for one more week and announce the winner of my free personal training giveaway next Friday.

Any good plans for the weekend or rambles for me?

That’s it, friends!