Have you guys heard of those companies that offer beer of the month, or wine of the month?  Where you can sign up and have different brands or flavors delivered directly to your front door?  Well I recently found out that there is such thing as FRUIT of the month too!  How fun is that?  Slesh, Bridget, and I actually just gave our roommate Katrina a three-month delivery of fruit of the month for her birthday present.

The first month’s supply arrived yesterday!  Champagne & Kent Mangos!

What a fun box to have delivered to our apartment, even if it’s not my own birthday present.  Katrina is a good sharer though!

We ordered through The Fruit Company, and chose the Harvest Club Exotica package for Trina.  This is the little card that came with her mangoes yesterday:

So she’ll get peaches and nectarines in June, and then cherries in July.

Funny sidenote:  You may have to enlarge the picture to see it, but I totally thought the card said HarvestClub Erotica instead of Exotica.  I read it out loud like that when the gift came yesterday!  How embarrassing!

Anyways, it’s neat because there are lots of different packages to choose from and you can choose how many months to take part for.   Here’s a little description of the one we opted for:

Imagine if every month brought a taste of intrigue: blood oranges and cara cara navel oranges, baby fingerlings and red bananas, starfruit and kiwi…well, you get the picture.  Each month, we ship a daring combination of exotic fresh fruit right to your door…or the door of an adventurous fruit lover.  Each piece is picked at its peak flavor, designed to entice and please.  What a perfect choice for that friend, family member, or colleague with a zest for the best, who doesn’t like to settle for the ordinary.  It’s a gesture that’s certain to be appreciated…and remembered.

Highly recommend checking this out!  Especially if you are looking for a creative gift idea for someone.

That’s all for now!  Have a fab Thursday, folks.

Ever been a part of a food or drink of the month club?