Hey everyone!

Today’s been a pretty good day.

First of all, I stumbled upon this hysterical someecard:

I mean, I clearly am one for kick ass workouts, but you know what?  I hate burpees.  They are SO GOOD FOR YOU, but I hate them.  Is there anyone out there that actually LIKES doing them WHILE doing them?  Feeling good afterwards doesn’t count.  Jen, you’re the only one I can think of that might say yes to this.

Today’s Eats
(So far)

  • Same breakfast as yesterday (oatmeal with raisins and fruit), plus some scrambled eggs.
  • Morning snacks:  A mini box of Kashi and an apple
  • Lunch:  Massive salad from the salad bar at Jason’s Deli.  Loaded up my greens with red onion, tomatoes, cukes, peas, hard boiled egg, toasted almonds, and mushrooms.  I was craving a salad soooo bad for lunch today, so this really hit the spot.

I only had to be on site today for a half day – score!  Isn’t it funny that I feel like I have more free time while I’m on the road for work than I do when I’m at home?

Anyways, I got my workout done with right away.  Sue and I went back to Gold’s for another sweat sesh.  I always make sure to ask my co-workers how long they are planning to be at the gym for, so I can give myself enough time to fit in everything that I want to work.

I’ve gotten a lot of reader questions lately on how I manage to feel like I can get a good workout in while on the road, when you don’t necessarily have a lot of time.  I recommend planning ahead, being adamant to your coworkers that you can’t go to dinner until you workout (stick to your guns!), and thinking creatively.  Definitely try to get the most bang for your buck, in terms of time!

Get Sweaty In 45 Minutes

Today I worked up an awesome sweat in just 45 minutes and I was able to do ALL of the following:

First, a 15 minute cardio blast on the elliptical…

I guarantee you will feel sweatier doing this 15 minute cardio workout than you would doing steady state for a longer amount of time.  Intervals are your friend when you don’t have much time for a workout!!  They rev up that metabolism, bigtime.

My 15 minutes on the elliptical was followed by a bunch of random strength moves & cardio interval stuff that I made up as I went along because well, I just didn’t feel like planning it out ahead of time.  I set myself up a little station with a mat, a set of 12.5 pound weights, a step with 3 risers on each side, and a stability ball.  Then got down to business.

Some strength stuff that I banged out in 20 minutes…

Seriously, just go go go without stopping between moves!  Less rest time = higher intensity.  (Of course, if your body is telling you to slow down — honor it.  This is just what works for me).

A little lower body + cardio interval…

  • Leg work with the right foot on the step:  8 slow lunges, 8 fast lunges, 8 pulses.  Then turn to face the left so your right foot is still on the step, and do 8 slow squats, 8 fast squats, and 8 pulses.  Then turn to face the back, so your right foot is still on the step but behind you now, and do 8 slow lunges, 8 fast lunges, and 8 pulses.
  • 1 minute of run ups on the step, right foot lead
  • Same leg work but with the left foot on the step
  • 1 minute of run ups on the step, left food lead

A little chest + another cardio interval + glutes…

  • 10 stacked feet decline pushups (feet on step)
  • Glute work:  Kneeling glute press with extended leg – 20 slow / 20 fast, kneeling glute press with bent knee – 10 slow / 10 fast, kneeling glute press with extended leg to side – 20 slow / 20 fast, swing leg around to side of body and hold 10 seconds. 
  • 30 seconds of run ups, right foot lead, this time straddling the step
  • 10 stacked feet decline pushups (feet on step, other foot on top this time)
  • Repeat glute work with opposite leg. 
  • 30 seconds of run ups, left foot lead, straddling step

And then this ab set for 10…

Finished up with 5 minutes of stretching.

Seems like a ton for just 45 minutes of exercise, right?!

What are your favorite ways to work your body in a short amount of time?

Off to dinner!  Last night in Oklahoma, and I have a super-duper early flight home tomorrow morning.  So it won’t feel so super-duper then, or when I’m doing homework on the way home instead of reading The Hunger Games, but it sure will feel nice when I land in Boston at 1 in the afternoon.

Enjoy the rest of your night!