Phew, it’s been a long day…

My alarm went off at 6:45, I snoozed until 7:00, showered and got ready, and was out the door at 8:00 for the airport.  Now I know this is hard to believe, but I am one of those people who hates feeling rushed and likes to take my time at the airport.  I always arrive early but today was a bit much.  I walked into the American Airlines gate at 8:30 and was checked in, through security, had snacks purchased, and was sitting at the gate by 8:53.  Shoot.  There was just nobody in line when I was going through!  Quite nice, but then I did have to wait awhile at the gate.

That’s okay, it gave me plenty of time to pee, organize my snacks, check to make sure everything was in its right place, chat with coworkers, and pee again before boarding the plane.  Healthy travel tip — extra time is good because it allows you to really weigh your options with what food places are available in your terminal.

Today’s stops for me included:

  • Hudson News where I purchased a Peanut Butter Clif Bar, a Cranberry Almond KIND Bar, unsalted cashews, a regular water, and a vitamin water.
  • UFood Grill for a banana and a green apple
  • Starbucks for a skinny vanilla latte

All my snacks, ready to go!

And a little caffeine:

Today was kind of a long travel day (Boston to Chicago and then a two-hour wait before Chicago to Oklahoma City) but it didn’t feel long at all thanks to some awesome reading material:

I will admit to being so pathetic that I was looking forward to this week’s travel week for a day where I could read for pleasure and not feel guilty about it.  I haven’t read for fun in AGES.  Last night’s errands included a trip to Target to buy the first book in the series, and I flew through it today!  I read 228 pages during my first flight, and was so antsy to finish it up during the second.  Luckily I had a yummy salad at O’Hare to distract me during the wait (spinach, gold raisins, sliced apples, walnuts, tomatoes, and cucumbers).  But seriously, I made so much random chit-chat about The Hunger Games today – the flight attendant high-fived me for a good choice and asked me if I finished the book on the way out, the woman in front of me was telling me how she saw the movie with her daughters over the weekend, and the guy next to me was reading book two so we chatted about it for a bit as well.  So funny!  Definitely lived up to surpassed expectations and now I think I need to go buy the other two in the series for the trip home?

Hunger Games / Fitness Humor:

Love it.

So back to the trip.  Oklahoma City is actually quite nice!  Our hotel is fancy (The Renaissance) and within walking distance to a bunch of bars and restaurants in downtown Bricktown.  And there’s this nice little water area too, which was cool to walk around especially since it stayed in the 70’s tonight!  We ate dinner at this place called Jazmoz Bourbon Street Cafe, where I ordered grilled salmon with asparagus and summer squash.  Yummy!  Sorry, no pic — I’m traveling with new people who aren’t used to my food picture weirdness yet.  I also enjoyed one Sam Summer, but that’s it, just one!  It is a Monday after all!  We sat outside to enjoy the nice weather and some live music.

Not too shabby of a travel day.  No workout for me today, my body is super sore after my fitness filled weekend, but I promise to share an on the road workout tomorrow!  I’ll miss Two A Day Tuesday for sure, but know all my peeps are in good hands with Miss Ashley.

Ever traveled somewhere you didn’t think would be that exciting, and turns out it wasn’t so bad?  How do you like to eat healthy at the airport?  Have you read The Hunger Games yet?  Ever read a whole book in one day (or in a couple hours?!)

Time to faceplant in my huge comfy king size hotel bed!