First, thanks to Athena for inviting me to be a guest blogger!

Second, I don’t blog so be kind to me.  🙂

While sitting on a beach in Mexico recently, I couldn’t help but notice the number of people who were in awesome shape.  I kept thinking, “They MUST go to the gym.”  When I got home I had trouble breaking the “eat whatever I want because I am on vacation” habit.  I am sure some of you can relate.  This expanded things I did NOT want expanding.

Well, now that I am nearing *gasp* 30, my body isn’t exactly bouncing back like it used to.  So I opened my very first gym membership.  That’s right!  I did it!  Terrifying, frightening, sheer panic pulsated through me as I clicked the button to open my new account at Work Out World.  That was it… now I had to actually GO TO THE GYM.  Like physically get off of my lazy bum and sweat in front of strangers.  This was so not my thing.  For those of you that know me, I NEVER go to the gym and I mean NEVER EVER EVER EVER.  Mainly I think this was because:

  1. I don’t tend to do well with large groups of strangers
  2. I was happy on my couch, and
  3. I just didn’t want to… seriously… just leave me here, watching my TV, thank you very much.  My husband, an avid hiker, had to bribe me with pizza and beer (we’re not talking cheap crap here either) just to get me hiking up a mountain.


I decided to be motivated I had to actually pay money, thus ensuring I would go.  I started off with something fun… “I’ll try Zumba,” I thought.  I had always heard it was fun.  Admittedly, going to the gym alone for a group class was scary, but if I can give you any advice here, this is it:  GET OVER IT.  Just get in the car and go there.  You will survive… I promise.  People will even be nice to you!  Anyways, I got into class, located my “spot,” a.k.a. a place towards the back where I had enough space to not punch or kick anyone, thus ensuring I would not be the newbie who knocked someone unconscious, and I waited for things to begin.  People of ALL shapes, sizes, and ages were there, which made me happy because I had feared that I would be surrounded by, I dunno, a whole bunch of Barbies.  The class got started and was over before I knew it and it was SO. MUCH. FUN!  Like ridiculous amounts of fun.  And when I got home I felt good!

Anyways, this one short 55 minute class had me wanting more, so then I took a Boot Camp class, and then I decided to try Total Body Melt.  Each class has come with new trainers, people, and moves.  Since someone is leading you, you aren’t watching a clock tick down time.  Personally, I tried P90x in the past, which is a lot of fun, but once I knew the DVDs I found myself remembering what I didn’t like and why I didn’t want to do it… and before you know it I stopped pushing play.

If you are thinking of joining a gym and getting into working out here is my advice:

  • Find one that you can stop at on your way TO or FROM work.  It won’t seem like such a big deal to stop if you aren’t making a special trip to go to the gym.  Once you start going and start feeling good, you will start wanting to take the trip… Trust me.  (This is a STRANGE feeling.)
  • IF possible get a friend to join and go with you.  I wasn’t lucky enough to have this, but I am sure someone helping to motivate would be a good thing!
  • Start off with something that will be fun, like Zumba!  This was a great way to get myself going.  You really learn to laugh at yourself in these classes ladies.
  • JUST DO IT… Stop coming up with a million reasons why you shouldn’t go.  Just get in the car and GO.

The bottom line is everyone needs to find what is right for them.  The major factor is usually finding your motivation and then following through.  Instead of spending the morning sleeping off the pizza hangover, try getting up and moving.

Your body will feel better and if you keep at it look better too!

Now for my shameless solicitation!! 

With my new-found love for working out (as my sister said; “Who are you and what have you done with my sister?”) I have signed up to run in the Warrior Dash New England on June 9th.  I am running as a St. Jude Warrior, meaning I am raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in support of the mission of St. Jude — finding cures and saving children. Your gift will help the doctors and researchers at St. Jude find new treatments for cancer and other deadly diseases.  So while I am running through the mud and obstacles, making a general mess of myself, I’ll also be supporting a cause I believe in.  I am working to fundraise as much as I can.

To donate:  Simply go to this link.  You can even donate anonymously!  🙂

For more information on the Warrier Dash itself, click over to the website and take a look.

Thanks for any and all contributions!

Question of the day to you all – what is your biggest “how to just get started” piece of advice? 

Thank you, Jamie, for your guest post on your new found love for fitness, your story is very inspiring!  Good luck with your fitness goals and upcoming Warrier Dash!