Hello, friends.

Is everyone enjoying Halloween?  Does anyone get dressed up for work?  My friend Shannon gets dressed up for work every year, and she always has the best costumes.  While I didn’t get dressed up for work today, I did try my best to sport some Halloween colors/gear.

Orange shirt + black and orange beads.  That counts for some effort right?

My main Halloween effort this year was (surprise) at the gym.  I didn’t really have any Halloween parties or anything to attend over the weekend, but Liz and I turned our Two A Day Tuesday classes into a party of their own.

^^ Hip abductions from Best Body Bootcamp

We encouraged our Kickboxing and Circuit Training members to dress in costume for “Halloween Eve.”

Liz and I totally planned our 80’s workout gear.  For those of you who are wondering:

  • Yes, we’re sporting leotards.
  • Yes, we’re sporting leg warmers.
  • Yes, I had not one but two of each already in my closet at home.  And the yellow tights.
  • Yes, Liz brought us fishnet gloves and glo bracelets.

Oh, and finally, yes.  We’re that cool.

Liz rocked an 80’s playlist for Kickboxing, and I (in true Athena fashion) put together a little Halloween theme.  Check out this gem of a playlist:

Honestly, one of my favorite themed playlists to date.  Just don’t pay any attention to the “explicit” next to Evil Woman.  I made my valid Group Ex Coordinator attempt to lower the volume when Mike Posner belted the word “sh*t” in the middle of the song.  It was too fun a song to not include it.  Even if Workout Cruella wanted to yell that I was an evil woman at that point in class for too much leg work.  #sorryimnotsorry

Some lessons learned from Lessons learned from Halloween group ex classes:

  1. Two hours of Kickboxing & Circuit class while wearing a leotard, tights, and leggings is NOT the same as two hours of ballet wearing the same outfit.  (I seriously was huffing and puffing by the end of my supersets!!)
  2. When the instructor wears said outfit above, new members in class think they are being punked.
  3. Theme classes are NOT the same with Miss Jen & Miss Ashley!!  I missed you guys.

At the end of class, Liz and I gave away fun Halloween goodie bags to any class members that did dress up in costume or wore black and orange.  Hurricane Sandy was the perfect excuse to spend some time putting together prizes!

Halloween beads, Halloween tattoos, Halloween treat bags…

And Halloween “pumpkintines!”

How cute is that idea for a healthy Halloween trick or treat?!  I mean, I couldn’t give away candy at the gym so these were perfect.  I had a little too much fun decorating each one though.  I was originally going to make them all look like this (where I saw the idea!), but then decide making different faces on each one was way more fun.

I brought some in to work today for my co-workers as well.  Again, as the one pushing for Health & Wellness at our company, I couldn’t bring in candy.

Anyways, both Jen & Ashlee posted pictures of their goodie bags when they got home from class last night:

These pumpkintines are so cute that I don’t want to eat them!

Last night was super fun, so thanks to everyone that came to class and especially thanks to everyone that came dressed in a costume.  I’ll be rocking the themed playlist tomorrow morning at 6am, but I’m not encouraging costumes because let’s be honest, that’s a lot of effort for 5:30 in the morning.  Please come and work off any candy you eat tonight!

Questions I’d love for you to answer in the comments:  Has anyone else’s gyms or group ex classes ran any Halloween themes before?  Did you dress up this year at all?  Are you celebrating tonight?  Any other creative ideas for healthy Halloween treats?

I am taking an off day today and heading to Slesh’s apartment tonight.  We’re going to try our hand at another healthy Halloween dinner… stay tuned for how it turns out!