Yes, it’s the season for all things spooky – I’ve loved seeing Mia get excited about the ghost and scarecrow decorations! But for so many of the women that I hear from around this time of year, that Halloween candy bucket is more like a vampire – don’t let it cross the threshold!

Are you someone who feels like you just can’t have Halloween candy in the house? Or if you do buy candy, does it feel like you’re “giving in” because you know you won’t have control around it later? If that’s you, it’s time to reframe your relationship with those Kit Kats. 

Here is the truth: eat a piece of candy if you want a piece of candy. 

Yup. It’s as simple as that. 

Eat a piece of candy if you want a piece of candy.

This is the week where we see all the Halloween memes telling us that 10 pieces of candy corn equal a certain number of jumping jacks or that we have to do 3 million burpees to burn off a Kit Kat bar. Well, here’s your permission to scroll right on by this crazy talk. You do not have to earn your candy through exercise, and because you do not need to exercise to burn off your candy.

This type of “motivation” contributes to an UNHEALTHY and disordered view of food. It can also create resentment around your exercise. You should never workout just so you can “earn” a piece of candy. You should work out because you want to work out… because it makes you feel strong… because you want to celebrate how your body can move.

You should never eat a piece of candy as a reward for exercising. You don’t just “deserve” a piece of candy because you had a good workout in the morning. You aren’t a dog who needs to be rewarded with a treat.

If you choose to eat Halloween candy this week, you will be FINE. Just think about whether you actually want to eat the candy or if you are only eating it because it’s there or because it’s Halloween. Remind yourself that you can eat candy ANY day of the year, no need to eat it all at one time and make yourself sick for the sake of “getting it out of the house.” Makes no sense!

And make sure it’s actually candy that’s worth it to you, like a pumpkin Reese’s!! Not just one you feel meh about. I’m looking at you, Whoppers!

If you choose to eat Halloween candy this week, you will be FINE

Let’s try to bring some mindfulness to the way you’re thinking about Halloween candy. Somewhere along the way, it seems like “mindful” eating has been equated with choosing the most nutrient dense options. But the truth is, you can mindfully eat any food. 

The definition of mindfulness is: “the non-judgmental awareness of what’s happening in the present moment.” This was one of the very first definitions I learned in wellness coach training, and I have always kept it close to my heart. 

So when you do break out the Reese’s pumpkins, see if you can slow down and notice what you’re eating. Pay attention to things like the texture and taste, as well as your level of enjoyment and how your body feels while you’re eating. Slowing down and enjoying your choice WITHOUT JUDGMENT is the first step to feeling like YOU are the one in control – and makes you less likely to overindulge to the point where you’re feeling sick or uncomfortable. 

An empowered approach to the candy bucket means that you recognize you are always in control of what you choose to eat, even if it doesn’t feel like it. It also means that you work on releasing that scarcity mindset – if you decide you want the candy after all on November 1, you can still have some (and it will be 50% off)! 

So whether you decide to have a sweet treat (or several!) this Halloween or not, I want to give you permission not to feel like you have to apologize for your choice, “earn it,” or “burn it off.” Just eat a piece of candy if you want a piece of candy. 

Which Halloween candy is your favorite empowered indulgence? Let me know in the comments!