Happy Halloween!

On Tuesday night, in true Liz and Athena fashion, we held a Two A Day Tuesday holiday theme class for Halloween.

What does a Halloween Two A Day involve, you might ask?

First, dressing up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss.

Halloween: Thing 1 & Thing 2

Gotta love a workout conducive costume! Plus, how perfect is this for the two of us? PLUS, how perfect is it that included in my latest batch of New Balance gear were red sneakers? Love it!

Liz was pretty limited in making a themed playlist since she has a limited repertoire of songs to choose from for Kix, but she did her best!

Halloween: Kix

She also passed out glow in the dark bracelets in her class so we could do our last routine in the dark.

Halloween: Glow in the Dark

In my class, I used the same Halloween playlist that I used last year:

Halloween Workout Playlist

I also made everyone in my class go “trick or treating” for the workout. I wrote out twenty something moves on small pieces of paper, and put each piece of paper in a bag. Everyone took a turn picking a move out of the bag, and whatever exercise was selected we did for 60 seconds.

Halloween: Trick or Treat Workout

Halloween: Interval

At the end of each class, Liz and I handed out orange and black beads, along with “pumpkintines.” Pumpkintines are clementines decorated as pumpkins with a sharpie or dry erase marker, and they were a huge hit last year. So we brought them back.


Healthy Halloween Treat:  Pumpkintines

I was a little disappointed by how few people dressed up this year, but I want to give a special shout out to Mary and Steph who totally rocked their costumes with Liz and I, and a few others who made the attempt with orange and black outfits.

Halloween: Gym

Oh well. We still had fun with it!!

This morning was Halloween at the gym round two. I had my 6am class, but I didn’t encourage costume wearing since that time of day would be a little aggressive for costumes, don’t you think? I did wear orange and black though (as did Steph and Mary AGAIN, thank you ladies), and I used the same playlist. I also taught a different Halloween inspired workout that I named “Halloween SPOOKY Sets” instead of supersets and tried to make all my exercises holiday related. I must say that I think I did a good job, even though some were a huge stretch.

Halloween Spooky Sets

If there’s anything to take away from this post, it’s clearly that I get cooler by the day.

ANYWAYS! Tonight Tim and I are hosting a Halloween dinner for Slesh, Will, Bridget, and Dave. It will involve more dorky holiday themes. I’m excited for it!

What are your Halloween plans? Did anybody teach or take any Halloween themed workouts this week?

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