Today was Travel Day # 4.  We were in Fort Collins for most of the day for our kickoff at Poudre Valley.  After our day on site we drove to Denver to stay at the airport hotel so we could be closer for our flight home tomorrow.  I am definitely ready to be home!

Here’s how I did today:

Pre-Workout Snack:  Banana

Workout:  Colleen and I obviously researched ahead of time and found a nearby rec center.  This one was really nice!  I wish we could have stayed longer.  Today I did 30 minutes on the elliptical so I didn’t have as much time for weights after.  But I still got a lot in.

  • Jumping Jacks / Squats:  2 jacks into a regular squat.  Repeat until tired.
  • Plank on the Bosu:  Hold 30 seconds, then add spiderman knees for 10.
  • Squat twists with medicine ball:  Squat and twist down to the left, then as you come out of the squat, lift the medicine ball overhead to the right while lifting the left leg up for glute work.  Repeat 10 times.  Then hold squat and repeat 10 regular squats, curling ball down and up with the squat.
  • Tricep Extensions (I think Colleen’s favorite new move???):  Today we did single arms.  Starting on the right, extend to 4 o’clock 10 times, then 5 o’clock 10 times, then 6 o’clock 10 times, finishing with 10 pulses w/palm to ceiling.  Repeat on left at 8, 7, and 6.
  • Squat twists with medicine ball to the other direction.
  • Oblique ball twists:  Holding medicine ball in front of abdomen, twist side to side for one minute.
  • Chest & Abs Combo:  Holding legs straight up over hips and arms straight up with weights, palms in.  Extend left leg down and right arm out to the side (reverse fly) then bring back up.  Then right leg down with left arm out to the side.  Repeat alternating sides for 10, then do 10 with both arms and legs together.
  • Abs:  Legs straight out in front of you, feet flexed up.  Hands behind head, elbows in.  10 crunches.  Then 10 crunches with right leg lifted.  Then 10 crunches left leg lifted.
  • Abs:  Hug knees into chest, lift head off ground.  Extend legs out in front and arms out overhead.  Repeat 10 then hold the last one ten seconds.
  • Obliques:  Feet flat on ground, reaching side to side to tap each heel.
  • Chest / Abs:  On the bosu, 10 spiderman pushups, then finishing holding the plank for one minute.

Proud of myself for getting 4 straight workout days in while on the road!

Breakfast:  Another oatmeal and fruit day.  And of course I had to stock up on my snacks for the rest of the day / tomorrow.

Lunch:  The hospital provided lunch from Panera.  I ate half a smoked turkey sandwich with Greek salad (no olives!) and a pickle on the side.

Afternoon Snack:  Clif bar

Dinner:   We drove to Denver after the hospital to be closer to the airport for our flight out tomorrow morning.  Pretty much the only restaurant in site is this Italian restaurant called Di Cicco’s.  It actually kind of looks like it used to be a strip club.  Right near all the airport hotels, no real windows, a stage inside.  The food (and wine!) is good though!  We ate here last time we were out in this area in April.  It’s just really funny.

Look at this awkward quote about pizza they have as part of their menu:

I ordered a shrimp salad (no disgusting club sandwich tonight) and minestrone soup.  And since it was the last night of travel, 2 glasses of red wine.

Now I’m back at my hotel and ready to go to sleep early.  Excited to be home tomorrow.  Tim and I are going to have a date night I think, then Saturday is the picnic / Tim’s after party (definitely going to be my cheat day), and Sunday day is up in the air.  Have my cousin’s goodbye party at night.

Question of the Day:  What do you find most challenging about making good choices on the road?

Have a great night!