Looking for a gift that supports health and wellness, without breaking the bank? Check out my holiday gift guide for picks that I love, with suggestions for lifters, coffee lovers, new mamas, and more! 

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‘Tis the Season!

For the lifter in your life:

Pedestal Footwear Lifting Socks: Yes, it really does matter what you have on your feet while lifting. Running shoes are going to be too cushioned to provide a base of support, while going barefoot isn’t always feasible, especially in the gym. These socks help you feel the floor and master your stance while still providing grip on the bottom.

Acumobility Ball: This trigger-point ball helps with deep tissue massage work, and is a perfect alternative for a lifter who is currently rolling with a tennis ball and looking for an upgrade!

Gift Card to Rep Fitness: If there is anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of a well-stocked home gym. A rep gift card will help you give just that! If you’re looking for specific equipment, I love the Plyo Box and kettlebells. 

ETCC Gift Membership: If you know someone who would love some done-for-you lifts, coaching, and the support of an awesome community of women, you can gift a membership for my Empowered Together Coaching Club. Choose how long you’d like to give for flexibility, and set the lifter in your life up for success all year long. 

Set the lifter in your life up for success all year long.

For the breakfast lover:

Pamcakes Pancakes*: A just-add-water pancake option that is perfect for anyone who wants morning pancakes with some protein!

Local Maple Syrup: Particularly in the New England area, there is nothing like some real maple syrup. My favorite pick is this cinnamon-infused option from Botanical Springs.

Spatula or whisk: Finish off the pancake bundle with a cute whisk or spatula for an all-in-one breakfast gift.

For the coffee lover:

Trade Coffee of the Month Subscription: Plus, with our link, you can get one month free! 

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans: For a treat that every coffee lover will enjoy (and a great pick-me-up). 

Love you a latte mug: Finish off your coffee-themed gift with a cute mug

For the entrepreneur:

Weekly Purposeful Planner: Help the entrepreneur in your life stay on track with this planner from Pursuing Her Purpose. 

 Boss Lady Candle: Reward an entrepreneur (or any hard-working women in your life!) with that smell of success from this coffee-scented candle

You are a Badass at Making Money*: Particularly for women, starting a business can come with a lot of wealth mindset issues. Help the entrepreneur in your life overcome them with this book from You are a Badass auther Jen Sincero. 

Fired Up Finishers: These super quick and done-for-you cardio workouts are perfect to get moving on a busy day. 

For the pregnant or postpartum mom:

Mama Fleece: Mamas can wear this super soft fleece from the Herself podcast shop with pride. If it isn’t quite her style, check out their Raise Kind Humans zip-up. 

Bao Bei Bralette: This cute and comfy maternity and nursing bralette comes in a variety of colors and styles. 

To Have and To Hold*: This book by clinical psychologist Molly Millwood gets real about the not-so-fun parts of marriage and motherhood, and is a great gift for new moms who are feeling alone or overwhelmed.

Resistance Bands: The perfect piece of at-home equipment for pregnancy and postnatal workouts!

For the spa junkie:

FRE Skincare Recover Set: This set is great way to sneak some self-care into your nighttime routine. Plus, use my affiliate code ATHENA15 for potential discounts!

Yogi Tea: Give the gift of less stress and more relaxation with some stress relief tea

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow: This eye pillow lets the spa junkie in your life make every night feel like a special time to relax. 

The Daily Stretch Pack: I created these seven stretch and mobility flows to provide gentle movement options for every day – a great way to to wind down!

For the winter walker:

New Balance Heat Loft: With this warm and moisture-wicking jacket, outdoor winter walks and workouts are about to become a lot more comfortable.

Lulu Lemon Run for It All Ear Warmer: An ear warmer is a key piece of equipment for any winter walk or run, and this one is both cute and water-repellant!

Athleta Brooklyn Lined Jogger: These comfy lined joggers are a great winter workout accessory, and today (12/13), they are on sale as Athleta’s Gift of the Day

RTIC Tumbler: One of my favorite tips to motivate clients for a winter walk is to bring a hot drink – and this tumbler is perfect for your recipient’s warm beverage of choice. 

Still not sure what to get?

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