Holiday Headstart

Your time-saving fitness + nutrition solution through the holiday season so you can hit the ground running come January without feeling like you’ve missed a beat with your workouts or that you’ve overdone it with your food.

Holiday Headstart

Your fitness solution through the holiday season so you can hit the ground running come January without feeling like you’ve missed a beat with your workouts or that you’ve overdone it with your food.

Despite our best intentions, we can’t always do our usual longer workouts – or even as many workouts as we’d ideally like to be doing – with the time constraints and holiday obligations that December inevitably brings.

However, we CAN remind ourselves that consistency doesn’t mean our workouts look the exact same way 365 days a year.

Even if we have to shift things around or scale back a bit, it doesn’t mean we’re off track, that we’ve failed, or that we’re going to lose all our hard earned muscle gains.

And it certainly doesn’t mean we have to throw in the towel all together and start over on January 1st.

On the nutrition front, the holidays can also bring up feelings of food anxiety – like once we start eating some of our holiday favorites, we won’t be able to stop!

However, arming ourselves with the tools and self-trust needed to make intentional and empowered food decisions, no matter the situation we are in, can be one way to feel much more in control.

We also don’t always have the time or mental energy to figure out what we’re going to cook for the holidays.

Hunting down recipes on Pinterest is a huge time suck, it’s like another to do amongst needing to get our shopping done, wrap up year-end work tasks, mentally handle the added decision making Covid still brings, nevermind everything else that’s a part of our general day to day load.

However, we still can enjoy some delicious and festive fare, without needing to look up a single recipe idea.

This is where Holiday Headstart comes in!

Holiday Headstart is your 5-week time-saving system for both the food and fitness parts of your holiday season.


5-Week Holiday Fitness Plan

Designed with the time constraints of the holiday season in mind, your Holiday Headstart workouts will help you keep your body moving over the next 5 weeks, whether at home or in the gym.

You’ll get 12 workouts total: 2 total body strength workouts that you’ll repeat each week with progressive overload so you can maintain your hard-earned muscle from the rest of the year + 10 cardio workouts that you can sprinkle in throughout the month for variety.

The workouts take anywhere from 5-35 minute to complete, they require at most a set of dumbbells, and they are all laid out with daily themes to keep things fun: Muscle Monday, Tabata Tuesday, Wednesday Weights, Therapeutic Thursday, Free Choice Friday, Saturday Sweat, and Self Care Sunday.

Everything is completely mapped out for you – including video tutorials, options for your recovery days, and guidance for how to be flexible and move things around if needed!

Literally all the guesswork is taken out it for you, freeing up your mental bandwidth to focus on other demands of the season and time to spend with your family.

One of my favorite parts about working with Athena is the workout plans she designs.

She makes them challenging, fun, and completely doable.”

Audra Podany

I never feel bored with Athena’s workouts! They challenge me to try new things + push myself.

Best of all, I do the workouts at home where I don’t have to spend more time away from my kids! Bye, mom guilt!

Shruti Sonni

“Athena’s workout plans are a life saver for me.

They give me much-needed structure during challenging and busy times!” 

Dana Sullivan

5-Week Holiday Workout Tracker

The Holiday Headstart workout tracker will help keep you organized and getting your workouts done!

Me and my clients LOVE checking things off a list. This tracker will help keep your fitness top of mind, remind you to focus on what you ARE accomplishing instead of beating yourself up for anything less than ideal, and it will give you that extra sense of pride and accomplishment when you see yourself completing each workout, one by one. 

The goal is to use the tracker and check off 15-20 total workouts throughout the 5 weeks, allowing yourself to let GO of each week needing to be so EXACT.

One of the things that often trips me up is the set number of workouts in a week – especially when my weeks are super variable with kid events or work travel – and getting caught up in which week the weekend workouts count for.

Athena asked me why not set a monthly workout goal rather than a weekly goal.

That was such a game changer.

I could do more workouts on the weeks where I had more time and not have to stress about getting in my “set number” of workouts on weeks when I was already overwhelmed – and it didn’t matter which week the weekend counted for because it was all the same month!

Absolute genius!

Meaghan Brassey

Big Holiday Meal Guide

The Holiday Headstart Big Holiday Meal Guide includes simple nutrition techniques for making food choices that align with your goals, but don’t leave you feeling restricted, deprived, stuffed, or bloated to the brim.

These strategies are not your typical “eat ahead of time” tips that don’t actually get you anywhere. Instead, these tangibles will thoughtfully guide you through that virtual boozy brunch in place of your in person annual get together with girlfriends, the dinner with your in laws that you just know won’t have a vegetable in sight, or the huge spread your husband is excited to have at home with you and the kids.

The guide is divided into the following sections so you truly have your entire game plan to consider: The Week Before, The Morning Of, When You Arrive, As You Eat, The Day After, and Other Considerations.

The best part is that these are #EmpoweredEating methods you can use at ANY time of the year too. Me and my clients use them year round, and you can too!

I used to be the girl saying “I need to get back on track” every single time I came home from a vacation, long weekend, and after every single holiday.

After implementing Athena’s nutrition strategies, I no longer have those thoughts!

Liz Ganno

I love that Athena’s nutrition approach focuses on HOW to make nutrition decisions instead of just on WHAT you eat.

She asks you to consider how to ADD protein, ADD veggies, ADD joy and pleasure in eating, rather than reduce calories and inhibit myself. 

Jenny Krichevsky

Fuel YourHolidays Recipe Booklet

The recipes that come with Holiday Headstart are an updated collection of 35 of my most popular holiday recipes from over the years.

Whether you’ll be cooking for your immediate family at home, bringing a dish to a friend’s house, or simply want to switch up what you’re cooking at home throughout the month, these ideas will inspire you and help fuel your holiday season.

The recipes use seasonal favorites like cranberries, winter squash, and pomegranates, and you won’t have to Google a single thing to figure out what to cook! The booklet truly lays it all out for you and has something for everyone: Breakfast, Appetizers, Salads That Don’t Suck, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, and Desserts!

Hi, I’m Athena Concannon, and I’m your Holiday Headstart coach.

It’s interesting how Holiday Headstart came to be. I actually created this holiday bundle in November 2019 while 9 months pregnant and waiting for my daughter Mia to make her appearance.

She was 10 days overdue, and I needed to keep myself occupied while waiting to go into labor! Ha! 

But my main intention for YOU is to give you access to an affordable and doable solution to help you stay consistent with your fitness and nutrition over the holiday season.

And of course provide it in a way that’s actually healthy and realistic, not full of perfectionistic ideals, unachievable expectations, and dripping in diet culture langauge.

I’ve worked in the health + fitness industry for almost 20 years, and I’ve been running a thriving online coaching business since 2016 where I help ambitious women (who tend to bite off juuuust a little bit more than they can chew) create a more intentional and empowered approach to their fitness and nutrition.

This includes knowing when to scale back if necessary and trusting it doesn’t make you completely off track.

I’ve helped hundreds of women get – and stay – fit through my efficient and effective workout protocols that can be used in many different seasons of life. 

I’ve guided hundreds of women in feeling confident navigating countless food circumstances through my no-stress nutrition strategies. 

And my recipes? They do not disappoint, especially when my husband Tim has had a say in how they’re created!

I want to help you do the same with Holiday Headstart.

After you purchase your copy of Holiday Headstart, you’ll receive an email to your inbox with all the materials you need. Make sure to check your spam and promotions filters so you don’t miss it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Holiday Headstart workouts like?

Each workout in the program is short and sweet. They range anywhere from 5 minutes at the shortest to 35 minutes at the longest. The cardio workouts are a mix of styles – Tabata, EMOM, AMRAP circuits, interval.

The 2 total body strength workouts will hit all your major muscle groups with bang for your buck moves. 

Each workout can be tailored to any fitness level, and there are video tutorials that show you exactly how the exercises are done.

Will I need access to a gym to complete the workouts? What equipment do I need?

No gym access is required for Holiday Headstart! Some workouts don’t require anything but your own bodyweight, and the majority use dumbbells. You of course can substitute band work for dumbbell exercises as you need/want, and you also can feel free to sub in your favorite barbell moves if you DO have gym access.

Are the workouts the same as you offer in your Fit On the Go program?

Nope! My signature #FitOnTheGo philosophy  is what you will keep in mind while completing these workouts, but Holiday Headstart is a brand new workout collection. 

What kind of results can I expect from this program?

MAINTENANCE! Holiday Headstart is not a fat loss program, it’s not a muscle building program. The main result is to keep you showing up, to keep you consistent, and to keep a realistic expectation of consistency in mind. It is designed to help you keep your momentum through the holidays. 

What if I have questions for you about the workouts or want to talk out some nutrition questions?

Holiday Headstart is a do it yourself program, meaning, there is no coaching access to me included or customizations offered. If you have any logistical or technical questions, you can of course reach out at and we will get you squared away.

If you find after purchasing the program that you want additional accountability and support, you can feel free to book a 30 minute complimentary connection consult HERE, and we can chat about what add on services might make sense for you!

Can I purchase Holiday Headstart as a gift for someone else?

Yes, absolutely! Holiday Headstart makes a great gift, and it’s a wonderful way to support a local solopreneur business. If you will be doing this, reach out to my assistant Shannon at so we can talk out the details of whether you want the program sent to you or directly to your gift recipient.

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