Holiday Headstart

Holiday Headstart

Your simple consistency solution through the holiday season so you can hit the ground running come January without feeling like you've missed a beat with your workouts or that you've overdone it with your food.

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Despite our best intentions, we can’t always get to the gym or do longer workouts with the time constraints and holiday obligations that December inevitably brings.

…but we CAN still spend a little bit of time exercising and get a lot of bang for our buck, reminding ourselves that done is better than perfect and something is better than nothing, 

We might not always feel like we have control with yummy holiday food and desserts all around, like once we start, we can’t stop. 

…but we CAN arm ourselves with the tools needed to make the most ideal choices for our goals, no matter the social situation we are in.

We also can’t always dedicate time to finding the picture perfect food to bring to all the holiday gatherings on our calendars! We have a lot of other things to do, like get our shopping done, wrap up year end work tasks, and mentally prepare for the in laws to arrive. 

…but we CAN still impress our friends and family with delicious and festive fare, without needing to look up a single recipe idea!

This is where Holiday Headstart comes in.

Holiday Headstart is your 5-week time-saving system for both the food and fitness parts of your holiday season.

$100 off for Black Friday!


What's included in Holiday Headstart:

5-week workout program – designed with the time constraints of the holiday season in mind.

You'll get 25 workouts total, with different workouts each week for variety, and fun workout themes each week!

  • Mini Circuit Monday
  • Tabata Tuesday
  • Wednesday Walk
  • Thursday Burn Day
  • Friday Five
  • Saturday Sweat
  • Sunday Stroll

Every day from December 2nd through January 5th is mapped out for you – including when to rest and how to be flexible and move things around if needed! The workouts average 15-20 minutes each, they all require minimal equipment and can be done everywhere, and they each come with video tutorials. There's even a focus on how to get your steps in and keep your body moving. Literally all the guesswork is taken out it for you, freeing up your mental bandwidth to focus on all the other demands of the season.

Workout tracker – to keep you organized and getting your workouts done! Me and my clients LOVE checking things off a list.

This tracker will help keep your fitness top of mind and give you that extra sense of pride and accomplishment when you see yourself completing each workout, one by one, and keeping your momentum going day by day.

Big holiday meal guide – to provide you with the simplest of simple nutrition techniques for making food choices that align with your goals, but don't leave you feeling restricted, deprived, stuffed, or bloated to the brim.

These strategies can guide you through that annual boozy brunch with friends, the dinner with dad's side of the family that you KNOW won't have any nutritious options available, or the 4 Christmas meals you are supposed to have room to eat all in one day. The best part is that these are strategies you can use at ANY time of year too, so they are sure to carry you straight into 2020 feeling your best.

Fuel Your Holidays recipe booklet – with an updated collection of 35 of my most popular holiday recipes from over the years.

Whether you'll be entertaining this year, bringing a dish to a holiday party, or simply want to switch up what you're cooking at home, these ideas will inspire you and help fuel your holiday season. The recipes are simple to make, they use seasonal favorites like cranberries and winter squash and pomegranates, and you won't have to Google a single thing to figure out what you will cook this year – the booklet lays it all out for you and has something for everyone.

$100 off for Black Friday!


Hi, I’m Athena Concannon, and I’m your Holiday Headstart coach. I put this program together to help you stay consistent with your fitness and nutrition over the holiday season so you can start your 2020 strong, instead of feeling like you have to start from where you left off pre-Thanksgiving.

I’ve worked in the health + fitness industry for over 10 years, and I’ve been running a thriving online coaching business since 2016 where I help time-strapped, ambitious women take their current health habits to the next level and achieve their goals in ways that are simple, sustainable, and FUN.

I’ve helped hundreds of women get – and stay – fit through my efficient and effective workout protocols .

I’ve guided hundreds of women in feeling confident navigating countless nutrition challenges through my no-stress empowered eating strategies.

And my recipes? They do not disappoint! 😉 

I want to help you do the same with Holiday Headstart. All you have to do is click the button below, and the entire headstart package is yours for only $29.

$100 off for Black Friday!


After you purchase your copy of Holiday Headstart, you’ll receive an email from me to your inbox with all the materials you need. Make sure to check your spam and promotions filters so you don’t miss it!