Yes, I just asked that out loud.

And so became my Sunday post title.

Halloween Festivities

I love Halloween for the fun costumes, everything pumpkin, and the candy.

Tim loves Halloween because he thinks it’s okay to flaunt a mustache and mutton chops for the entire weekend.


The other day I posted my costumes of years past and left you guys hanging about this year’s costumes. For Friday night, we went with a group theme and teamed up with Trina and Geoff to be the characters from Clue.

Kernel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlett, and Professor Plum.

With the lead pipe, the revolver, the candlestick, and the wrench. In the living room.

I thought it would be a cute idea, and I do think it was, but people had a hard time telling what we were unless we were all standing together. Tim’s party guests kept thinking he was Willy Wonka, Geoff was the Jumanji man, and that Trina and I were flappers along with Miss Slesh. So that was kind of a fail. Oh well!

For Saturday night, we threw together some sweet 80’s fitness gear for Geoff’s celebration.

Appropriate, right?

I meant an appropriate theme for me, not Tim’s shorts.

Maybe I’ll wear this for class this Tuesday.  I mean, don’t I look pretty sweet in a leotard?

Coolidge Corner Clubhouse

Today my parents were in the area so Tim & I met them for lunch at Coolidge Corner Clubhouse. Have any of you ever been there? For those Boston sports fans, it’s a must. Pretty much everything on the menu is named after something sports related or a sports player/figure. A couple of examples:

  • The Tonya Harding: This is Tonya’s favorite “club” sandwich from the Olympic trials in Detroit. We grill a chicken breast and make it into a triple-decker with 3 pieces of white toast, bacon, lettuce and tomato. (This one always makes me laugh)
  • The Michael Phelps: Eat enough of these and you could win 8 gold medals! A flame broiled turkey burger topped with ripe avocado, melted Swiss cheese, and a side of Dijon mustard.
  • The Dustin Pedroia: A base hit every time. A sliced grilled teriyaki chicken breast served over a bowl of mixed greens with assorted vegetables and cheeses.

And so on.

Pros:  The food is really, really good.  They have received a bunch of awards – check them out here. I also think it’s a neat place to go with all the sports paraphernalia, old pictures, and tv’s everywhere. They also have 36 beers on tap (score), brunch open until 3pm on weekends, and the best little breadsticks at the table to munch on before your meal comes out.

Cons:  The restaurant is a bit crowded, and the prices are a little up there, but the food is so good that it’s worth it every once in a while. Plus, the portions are huge so it’s not that bad of a deal. The prices also include a full list of side options.

Today I went with the Portabella Roll Up: Grilled marinated portabella mushrooms, lettuce, diced tomato, feta cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette all rolled into a tomato basil tortilla.

For my side, I got a garden salad and picked off the croutons since I already let myself have a couple of those breadsticks.

Good lunch!

–Let’s chat–
Anyone else date anyone that insists on having a mustache/mutton chops on Halloween? What’s your favorite place to grab a sandwich for lunch?

Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend!