Let me ask that again.  HOW is it already Monday!?  This weekend was a nice, healthy mix of both fun and relaxation.  I didn’t have a ton of crazy busy plans which was perfectly fine with me.  I was a little more gluttonous than usual though.  Oh well.  It’s a new week, and I never like to dwell when I ending up eating more indulgently than normal.  We are all human!

Weekend Recap

Friday night consisted of dinner and drinks out for Bridget’s birthday at Whiskey Priest.

For dinner I ordered the California wrap with no bacon and no ranch dressing, with a side salad instead of fries.  The table got nachos, and I tried to keep my chomping away to a minimum but lemme tell you those chips were delish.  My drinks for the night included a couple of vodka sodas with lime, and a few Blue Moons.  By the end of the night, this was happening:

We also celebrated Bridget’s day with the champagne cupcakes I baked for her!

Champagne in the mix aaanndddd the frosting.

These are seriously amazeballs.  I used this recipe from my friend Shannon’s blog.  Thanks, Shannon!  They were a big hit!

Saturday morning was a little rough, but somehow Slesh and I got ourselves out of bed and made it to the Y to take Amy’s 10am Kickboxing class.  After workin’ on our fitness we spent the afternoon in the sun at Revere Beach.

Saturday night was originally going to be a Korean BBQ dinner out for Tim’s sister Katie’s birthday, but the timing didn’t work out so Tim and I used a Groupon and tried out a new restaurant in Newton Center, B Street Restaurant and Bar.  I ordered the lamb chop with goat cheese mashed potatoes.

Yes, I just said goat cheese mashed potatoes.  They were as good as they sound.  Anyways, Tim and I liked the restaurant but both decided that we probably wouldn’t go back there again unless we had another deal.  Only because the menu items were a little out of our usual price range.  After dinner we did end up seeing Katie and hung out at her apartment for a while.  It was nice to catch up, but Korean BBQ for the belated birthday celebration must happen soon!

Sunday I slept in, and then Tim & I headed over to the Cleveland Circle Pool for a few hours.  Was nice to be in the sun again just reading my book.  Oh, and we stopped in at Chill on the way home.  Local readers, if you haven’t tried this fro yo yet please make a point to this summer.  It’s my fave!

Rest of the night was spent making dinner (Chickpea Burgers with a side of Greek Style Green Beans) and prepping some food to have on hand for the week.

Weekly Workouts

Let’s talk weekly workouts!

Last Week’s Workouts

This Week’s Workouts

This week is the first week of the Best Body Bootcamp that I signed up for!  We received the week one workout plan a couple of days ago.  I’m still trying to decide how to best fit the plans into my workout schedule / classes for the week, but I’m pretty sure it will end up looking something like this:

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  20 minutes of HIIT Cardio + Supersets + Teaching Core Strength
  • Tuesday:  Kickboxing + Teaching Circuit class, incorporating moves from Workout #2
  • Wednesday:   Interval Workout + maybe Cutz class?
  • Thursday:  Teaching Circuit, incorporating moves from Workout #4
  • Friday:  Teaching Cardio & Core
  • Saturday:  Off or TBD (Kickboxing or Cutz or Yoga?!)

Weekly Goals

As part of the bootcamp program, Tina is also encouraging us to make two personal goals for ourselves each week.  This is actually kind of similar to what I did last week when I asked all of you to make a couple.  Last week my two goals were to 1) drink more water and to 2) try a new healthy recipe.  While I didn’t do as great with drinking more water, I did try out Fitnessista’s breakfast cookie on Friday and made it again for breakfast yesterday since Tim was dying to try one too.  This week I think I’ll keep Goal 1 as drinking more water, and make Goal 2 to be to do my hip stretches every single day.  Your turn!  What are your 2 weekly health and fitness goals going to be?

How were your weekends?  Do anything fun?  Did you make time for healthy eating or a workout?How did last week’s workouts go?  What’s on board for this week?  Ever partake in a virtual bootcamp or exercise program?  Anything else you’d like to share with me to kick off this Monday?

Let’s get after the week!  Aside from bootcamp, I am personally am excited for this week because I got invited to take part in my very first local blogger event!  Yay!