It’s Thursday.  Which means we’ve surmounted the hump and are *almost* at the weekend.  Can you taste it?

Some things from this week:

— Week 1 of the new fall schedule at the Y is (knock on wood) going great!!  I put two months of hard work into trying to make as many instructors and members as happy as possible.  That is NOT an easy feat.  Of course not everyone is going to be happy, and there have been a few, uh… thorns in my side… but for the most part people are HAPPY!  I added over THIRTY new group exercise classes while keeping all previously existing classes in place.  The most drastic change was maybe a 15 minute time difference in class start times, but I didn’t have to actually cut anything that instructors weren’t okay with.  To hear people raving about the changes while I was at the gym on Tuesday night is just a reminder of why I love what I do and confirms that all my hard work has been totally worth it.

Thank you, Whitney, for this quote!!  Love it.

— Tuesday night was the first Circuit Training class I taught back in the main group ex studio.  I was super excited.  And just like when I’m super ticked or angry or had a bad day… my class could tell.  Both extremes result in the same thing for me when it comes to teaching a class!  Sorry, I didn’t have planned out rep #’s for this one so if you try on your own you’ll have to adapt it!

The Can You Tell I’m Really Excited Workout
(Group Ex Style)

Run in a huge circle around the room until I feel like stopping
Drop to a plank + hold + knee hovers
Lunge taps + Lunges to a knee + Leg extensions + Lunges with hops
Run in a huge circle around the room until I feel like stopping again, but in the other direction
Drop to a plank + hold + spiderman planks
Lunge taps + Lunges to a knee + Leg extensions + Lunges with hops on the other leg
Shuffle + tap the floors
Plie squats — slow, quick, hold, pulse

Standing oblique crunches with knee lift and arm press
Weighted standing oblique twists
Shuffle + tap the floors
Repeat plie torture

Repeat both oblique series other side
High knees around the room until people look like they want to kill me
Jump squats forward + shuffles back, then a few with longer holds
Plank to side plank to plank to side plank, a few times
More high knees combined with more glares
Repeat squat jump series
Side planks with hip dips each side
V-step runs on the right
Glute lifts + front raises
Reverse plank hold
V-step runs on the left
Glute lifts + front raises
Reverse plank hold with alternating leg lifts
Front bicep curls — slow, quick, hold, pulse
Overhead triceps extensions — slow, quick, hold, pulse
Side bicep curls — same thing
Row + triceps kickback combo
Chest press + chest fly combo
Sigh of relief
Love/Hate Me

— I’ve decided to test the waters with taking Wednesdays as my off/rest day.  Now that I’m no longer telecommuting twice a week for my full-time job, that seriously cuts into some my extra sleep / extra blogging / extra get ish done time.  I mean the time spent NOT commuting and when on lunch from home really adds up!  That being said, TOTALLY worth it for my new position(s), however I really think I am going to need Wednesday nights to do all the above and have enough time to pack my things for Thursdays and get to bed at a decent hour to teach.  It’s tough because I really like to get minimum five workout days in a week and I’m not the best on weekends.  But I went to test out how this decision affects my energy levels toward the end of the week and how my hip feels by the weekend.

Let’s be honest, I’ll probably just get jealous of my peeps going to CBC, or Prana, or Spin, or SOMETHING and end up going anyways.  But I’m going to try!


More to come on FOMO later.

— UMMMM, let’s talk about the tetanus shot I had to get last night?!  Remember my freak eye/face injury from LAST Thursday?  Well, luckily my face didn’t black and blue or swell too badly… until Sunday that is.  On Sunday my lower eyelid / beneath my eye was SUPER swollen.  And then suddenly out of nowhere I developed this disgusting cluster of flesh-colored bumps on my face.  Running from the area of the cut from my stupid car door all the way down my face!  It worsened all week, then my mother and uncle scared me into thinking I had eye shingles or managed to get a hairline fracture in my orbital socket (can you tell thinking worst case scenario runs in the fam!?), and so I went to the walk in clinic last night.  And I had to get a tetanus shot because they thought my cut could have been infected / just in case there was rust from my car door that got in there.  I hate hate hate hate needles.  Huge baby about them.  And now I’m taking Zyrtec during the day and Benadryl at night.  Oooof.  It’s always something with me…

— It’s officially fall in my mind!  This week marked my first pumpkin coffee from Dunks and my first scarf day of the season.  There’s lots I love about fall, looking forward to the next couple of months and all its flavors.

And that’s about it!

What’s happening this week for you?!