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Hope everyone survived winter storm Nemo!  I know that I had a wonderfully lazy and relaxing weekend all cooped up in the apartment with Tim.  Of course I was disappointed about things like the Y’s canceled Spin-A-Thon (it’s rescheduled for this Saturday if you are still interested) and Erica not being able to visit from New York, but I’ll be honest – a hunkered down weekend was exactly what I needed.  It felt so nice to just not be doing, well, much of anything.  Today it’s back to the grind though, and let’s be honest, I’m too Type A to be able to sit around doing nothing for more than a couple of days at a time.  I already busted out a morning workout, it’s back to the office today, then tonight my brother and I are taking my grandfather out to dinner.  Hope everyone has a nice Monday, and drive safe out there!

How did you spend your weekend?