Yep, I did it.

I joined Pinterest.

I told myself that I didn’t need yet another social media site to uphold, but I caved in and joined anyways.  As if Facebook, Twitter, and F&F aren’t enough!?

And what they say is true, you know.  I’m completely addicted.

My question is:  Why is there such cute stuff everywhere and why don’t I have any of it?

I do see the value in using Pinterest as a blogger.  Some people have strong opinions against bloggers pinning their own stuff, but I definitely plan on pinning some of my recipes and workout pictures here so they can link back to the Fitness & Feta homepage.  This is also a great way to remember where you saw that recipe for that delicious chocolate thing that you can’t quite remember the name of.

But anyways.  As I try to get my page going, please FOLLOW ME!

I’m off to the Boston Wine Expo with Slesh!  She is awesome and got us some complimentary passes.  Time to pretend we’re important and mingle!