…Thursdays at 6am.


It’s true.  You might be asking yourselves who would love anything about any day at such a ridiculous early hour.

Me, me, me!

And it’s all my kick-ass, dedicated Thursday am Circuit Training folks who get out of bed week after week to take class with me, that make me love, love, LOVE Thursdays at 6am.

This morning we had 20 people show up.  Remember when my class was “endangered” because of low enrollment the holiday season?  I laugh.

The energy today was fantastic.

We worked hard!  Here’s how:

I broke class down into three sections.  If you are going to do this workout on your own, you could certainly do the whole thing, or you can take pieces of it and work the different sections however you’d like.

30-20-10 Total Body Workout

Here’s the 30…

This 30 minutes includes a proper 5-7 minute warmup!

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The 20… 

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**Note:  There were too many people to do the 50 second wall sit, so I improvised and did 25 lateral leg lifts on each side while holding a bend (“sitting”) in the supporting leg.

And the 10…

Which also included stretching at the end!

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I just loved this workout.

So did class.

Not only did they love it, but now they want MORE of it?!

I’m telling you.  Us morning gym folk are a special breed.  By the way, I’m already brainstorming ways to add weights for the new leg combo, Jess!

But first, time for my first night of Wellcoaches class.  Just the next little goal on my list to tackle.

I’m out like pout without a p.

What do you love, love, LOVE right now?

P.S. Thanks for all the entries so far in my Big Fat Greek Wine giveaway! Keep em coming!