Well, hello there.  Long time, no see!

I am back from all my time off!  I spent the past seven days relaxing down the Cape.  Spent quite a lot of time like this:

Pretty awesome.

Prior to the Cape, I spent a few days in Boston following July 4th just enjoying some time with no work or class teaching.  I haven’t been in the office since July 2nd and I haven’t been at the Y since July 3rd.  It was pretty rough being back at work today — especially since I’m jumping right back in with my 14 hour Mondays!  Today is my official start to my new Group Exercise Coordinator position at the Y too.

Anyways, I had a wonderful time and hope that you guys enjoyed all the wonderful guest posts that I had lined up for you while I was gone.  In case you missed any of them, here’s a recap:

A big thank you to Caitlin, Katie from K.E.P.T You Fit, Jamie, Jen from nutcaseinpoint, Jen R, Kristen from Be Fit With Kristen, Kate, Jess, and Abby from Back At Square Zero for keeping Fitness & Feta up and running in my absence!  You ladies are wonderful!  Also, in case you missed it, Fitness & Feta celebrated its 1st birthday last Thursday!  Happy birthday to my blog — click over to this post to check it out.

Weekly Workouts

Last week I didn’t post my weekly workouts while away, so you guys get a two-week summary of my vacation workouts today!

Workouts from July 4th week:

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  20 minutes of HIIT cardio on the elliptical + taught Core Strength with this class
  • Tuesday:  Taught Kickboxing (subbed for Liz’s class), then taught an outdoor bootcamp class for Circuit
  • Wednesday:  15 minutes of backyard bootcamp during our 4th of July cookout
  • Thursday:  90 minutes of kayaking + my Jack, Jump, ‘N Crunch Workout
  • Friday:  Off
  • Saturday:  Erin’s Cutz class at CBC, followed by 45 minutes of Kix with Sue

Workouts from Cape Vacation week:

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday: Random circuit work in the yard that looked like this:  Upper Body Tabata Move, then lower body glute strengthening move, then 30 seconds of cardio intervals.  I did 6 rounds of random exercises.
  • Tuesday:  Did another one of the combinations from the “Six Moves, Four Workouts” in last month’s issue of Women’s Health.  Same moves as the 15 min backyard bootcamp above, but this time you see how long it takes you to do 12 reps of each move, 5 rounds total.  Will post soon!
  • Wednesday:  20 minutes of Kickboxing in the yard + this Circuit
  • Thursday:  Off
  • Friday:  Off
  • Saturday:  20 minutes of Kickboxing in the yard + another combo of “Six Moves, Four Workouts” + concentration curls + rear delt flies + 3 different standing abs exercises + 1 minute plank

Not too shabby for being in vacation mode, eh?  Although I’m bummed my vacation is over, I am excited to be back to my normal “schedule” of workouts.  Here’s what’s up for this week:

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday: Some type of cardio + teaching 20 minutes Core Strength
  • Tuesday:  Back to Two A Day — Kix and teaching Circuit
  • Wednesday:  Physical therapy sweat sesh in the am, probably won’t do anything at night because I have a double on Thursday, if anything maybe yoga?
  • Thursday:  Teaching 6am Circuit, also teaching 6:30pm Kickboxing + Core
  • Friday:  Off or TBD
  • Saturday: Off or TBD


Just had to share the following, sent to me by my lovely gym friends last week!

From Jen:

From Jess:

From Ashley:

Thanks guys!


I didn’t get to do all that much blog reading while I was away, since I did try to unplug as much as possible.  I did scroll through my Google Reader app during some of our day trips in the car, and read a few posts here and there, but mainly I starred the links that looked interesting to me so I could come back and read them this week.  Not gonna lie, everything else I marked as read so I wouldn’t have massive amounts of unread blogs in my reader this week.

For today, I thought it might be fun to share the ones I starred in case they sound interesting to you guys too.

Enjoy 🙂

For now, I’m off to the Y — hope nobody forgot who I am, it feels so long since I’ve stepped foot in there!

What’s everyone been up to?  Tell me something fun that I’ve missed!

Have a great night!