Morning, friends!

I was up at 5:30 again this morning to sub for the 6am Spin class at the Y.  I’m SO sweaty right now.  Just felt like sharing.

Here’s the playlist I used:

Fellow spin instructors out there — what style of class do you teach?  I’m wondering because I think I teach my cycle classes very differently than most.  I typically pick a “theme” to use for each song, and then once that song is over, so is the theme.  For example, for “Abracadabra” today we alternated between high third and low third for the entire song.  Once Sugar Ray was done and Flo Rida came on, we switched to 2nd position with isolations.  Then MJ was sprint work, Britney was a climb, then jumps, and so on.  I like to challenge the class but also make them feel like there is an end in sight when we are doing tough work — they just know they need to make it to the end of the song before I’ll be switching it up again.

I find that most other cycle classes I take will do rolling hills, sprint intervals, etc. over the course of several songs.  I sometimes find that I’ll get distracted this way, but I also really enjoy sometimes zoning out and just trucking up that huge climb for 30 minutes.  Plus I think these methods actually mimic REAL road rides, which is something I don’t have a lot of experience with.

I don’t think either way is wrong or better than the other because it’s always good to switch things up, but I’m just wondering what some different styles are to get some new ideas.

Also, if you take Spin — which style do you prefer?  I’m subbing again for this 6am Friday class next week, so maybe I’ll switch it up a bit.  If there are any song requests for next week, let me know!

Have you ever taken a Spin class before? 

Time to shower, make breakfast, and tackle my day.

Happy Friday!!