January + February 2022:

Pull-up Performance

Workout Overviews

Workout A

Fresh Year Flex


1. Flexed-arm hang from bench/box

3 x 5-15 seconds

P2: 4 sets

Rest  2 minutes

Mobility filler: Single leg adductor rockbacks x 5-10 RL

2A. DB paused hip thrust 

3 x 8-10 

P2: add tempo on lowering

2B. Bent over single arm DB row 

3 x 6-8 RL

P2: from bird dog

Rest 30-60 seconds

3A. Skater step up

3 x 6-8 RL

P2: add side lunge 

3B. Seated band/cable chest press

3 x 10-12 

P2: add tempo on retraction

Rest 30-60 seconds


Perform 2-3 rounds total, 30 seconds each move, 15 seconds rest. 

  • Farmer’s carries
  • Band or cable resisted dead bug

Workout B

Hangin’ Out


1. Dead arm hang

3 x 5-30 seconds

P2: 4 sets

Rest 2 minutes

Mobility filler: Hip flexor prying x 5-10 RL

2. Kickstand DB deadlift

3 x 6-8 RL

P2: kickstand BB deadlift or increase reps

Rest 60-90 seconds

Mobility filler: Supine scapular protraction and retraction x 10-15

3A. Tall kneeling landmine press

3 x 8-10

P2: band resisted

3B. Wall single leg bridges with heel up

3 x 8-10 RL

P2: increase reps

Rest 30-60 seconds

4. Plank + single arm band or cable row

3 x 8-10 RL

P2: add pause

Rest 30-60 seconds


Complete each move for 60 seconds, then 45 seconds, then 30 seconds, then 15 seconds for a total of four rounds. Rest as needed.

  • Kettlebell squat > clean
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Run the stairs or high knees

Workout C

Strong Resolve


1. Band assisted pull up

3 x 6-8

P2: 4 sets

Rest 2 minutes

Core + glute filler: Single leg isometric glute bridge with lowering 

2A. Landmine squat

3 x 8-10

P2: add pause

2B. Tempo push-up

3 x 8-10 

P2: add plank tap

Rest 30-60 seconds

3A. 1 racked Bulgarian split squat

3 x 6-8 RL

P2: add 1.5 reps

3B. Band or cable face pulls

2-3 x 10-15

P2: add pause

Rest 30-60 seconds


Perform 2-3 rounds.

  • Slow mountain climbers x 8-10 RL
  • Pallof press with return to start x 8-10 RL

Weekend Warrior

Winter Warm Up

Cash In 1-2x:

  • Band pull aparts x 10-15
  • Bodyweight squats x 10-15
  • Bodyweight lunge trio x 5 RL

Pair 1 (3-4 x 45 seconds):

  • Step up to knee raise
  • Alternating hammer curls

Pair 2 (3-4 x 45 seconds):

  • Squat to box jump
  • Single arm triceps kickbacks

Pair 3 (3-4 x 45 seconds):

  • Skater hops
  • Tempo diagonal biceps curls

Pair 4 (3-4 x 45 seconds):

  • Run up + down stairs
  • Triceps dips

Cash Out:

  • Breathe in child’s pose

Rest 1 minute between pairs. Complete 3 rounds for an 18-minute workout or 4 rounds for a 24-minute workout

Warm-Up Flow

Sample Full Body Warm-up

Cat/cow x 5-10

Quadruped rotations x 5-10 RL

Feet elevated hamstring breathing with arms extended x 5 breaths

Feet elevated hamstring bridges with arms extended x 10-15

Heels elevated foam roller wall squats with arms extended x 10-15

Side lunge with reach and row x 5-10 RL

Additional Resources

Events + Extras

Monday 1/3, 11:30 am EST –  FB Live to go over workouts and themes for 2022
Keep an eye out for pull-up tips and tricks to be shared in the FB group throughout January and February
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