Good morning!

This weekend is juuuuustttt a little different from last.

Yesterday I spent the entire day moving.  You all know how that goes.

Last weekend I was watching guys in dressed in drag talk about orgasms and having sand in places they shouldn’t.

Again, different.  Just a bit.

Last weekend Jen came back up to Boston so we could have a fun girls night out / engagement celebration / bachelorette party on Saturday night.  Even though Jen’s wedding isn’t until next July, we aren’t sure if she’ll be back in Boston until then so we just had it a whole year ahead of time.  No big deal.

First up was dinner at a new place downtown called Granary Tavern.

The Brussels sprout chips intrigued the table, so we got some.  They were delicious but a LITTLE too small.  How the heck are you supposed to dip these little guys into anything without getting it all over your fingers?

For a drink we ordered Granary Lemonades, which I dubbed the “Yumonades” for the rest of the night because that’s seriously how I thought Christine ordered them.

Burnetts sweet tea vodka, fresh lemonade, and a splash of iced tea.  Yum is right!

For my meal, I got the pan seared scallops.  Doesn’t look like much food, but I’m pretty sure this is a normal serving size.

After dinner, we walked over to Ned Devine’s, which is a bar in Faneuil Hall.  At first Jen was all like, what?  This is it?  Ned Devine’s?  At 7pm?”  But we were there so early because we had tickets to the Improv Asylum’s “All the Single Ladies” show.

Now when we were first planning the night out, I suggested seeing one of the main stage shows at the Improv Asylum itself in the North End.  I’ve been to those before and they are not only affordable, but they are HILARIOUS.  It’s my go to suggestion for when people ask my opinion for something different to do in the city.  I’ve also seen bachelorette parties held there where the bride gets called up on stage at one point during the night and has to relay her “story” to the actors who then do an improv skit on how they interpret your love story.  It’s so funny, but the entire show isn’t geared toward the bachelorette party.  When I called to order the tickets, the Improv Asylum told me about “All the Single Ladies,” which IS geared toward bachelorette parties.  The show consists of guys in drag acting out a bachelorette party of their own.  When I was deciding between shows, the folks at Improv told me that the “All the Single Ladies” show at Ned Devine’s had something geared toward each bachelorette party of the night and that they’d recommend that one, but that the ticket (a bit pricier than the main stage show) also included your cover and a skipped line to Ned Devine’s afterward.  That made my decision since we were thinking of spending the night dancing there anyways.

My thoughts on the show?  Decently funny.  I mean, look at these “men.”

They have nicer legs than me!

However, I was expecting more of a show where the actors did more acting and well, more improv?  The show really revolved around calling up each bride to be and embarrassing them in front of the entire audience.

Sorry you got pulled up first, Jen.  That was horrifying.

Oh, and sorry this man woman kissed you ON THE MOUTH.

Jen had it easy.  Other brides to be had to make drawings of male body parts, compete to see who could be the “loudest,” and other things like that.  In between each bachelorette getting called up, the show would cut to a dance break where each party seriously stormed the dance floor.  Except us.  We just sat at our table and did kickboxing moves with our arms like losers.

Anyways, let’s get back to what I meant by “decently funny.”  Did I have fun?  Of course.  Did I laugh?  Of course.  There was some hysterical parts like “Oh summer…” and “TAPIOCA!” and “Bears are Heavy” and I laughed hysterically with my gym crew.  But would I choose this show over the main stage show again if I’m planning another bachelorette?  I don’t think so.  It was just TOO raunchy at some parts, and I felt like I was cringing wondering if everyone was hating it.  I expect funnier improv from the Improv Asylum, and I know I can get that at main stage.

Either way, all awkward “acting” moments aside, the night was VERY fun.  Here are some of the gems:

Cowboy hat and beads for Jen!

A scary and random bear:

Bliz, Theresa, Ashley, Christine:

Liz, Jen, Kristen:

Me & Sarah:

Black Shorts Brigade Minus One:

Dance Party:

Height Difference:

Call Me Maybe:

I like this one:

And one to sum up the night:

I think she had fun.  😉

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to unpacking boxes.  After teaching Spin class.  See you there?

What’s the funnest bachelorette or bachelor party that you’ve ever been to?