On New Year’s Eve, our friends Cate and Joe had the most beautiful wedding. Joe is Tim’s childhood friend from home (they’ve known each other since they were four years old), and Cate and Tim were good friends in high school. Tim likes to take credit for their relationship, since it was when Tim and Joe were roommates in Brighton that Cate and Joe met each other and started dating. I have SUCH a vivid memory of Tim telling me that his friend Cate from high school was moving to Brighton and that he thought we’d get along really well. Little did I know that Cate and I would end up being good friends too. It must be because we both love food, we both like to have everything planned and organized, we both like to go to the gym… the list goes on.

Tim stood up in Joe and Cate’s wedding as a groomsman, and everything that night was so great. Here are some pictures (some stolen from Jill) for you to enjoy!

Cate & Joe's Wedding: Hotel Selfie

Cate & Joe's Wedding: Groomsmen

Cate & Joe's Wedding: Bridesmaids

Cate & Joe's Wedding: Aisle

Cate & Joe's Wedding: Ceremony

Cate and Joe's Wedding: After CeremonyCate and Joe's Wedding - Friends

Cate & Joe's Wedding: First Dance

Cate and Joe's Wedding Speeches

Cate & Joe's Wedding Meal

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Girls

Cate and Joe's Wedding: Father Daughter

Cate & Joe's Wedding: Joe and Joan

Cate and Joe's Wedding Cake

Cate & Joe's Wedding: Me & Tim

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Group

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Dance Floor

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Dance Floor 2Cate & Joe's Wedding - Dance Floor

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Allie & Tim

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Me & Tim

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Tim & Joe

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Me & Cate

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Me & Jamie

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Girls SingingCate & Joe's Wedding - Guys Singing

Cate & Joe's Wedding - Groomsmen 2

Cate & Joe's Wedding -Joe on TimCate & Joe's Wedding - End of Night

Cate & Joe's Wedding - End of Night 2

As you can see, the night got pretty crazy (hence how awful I felt on New Year’s Day), but it was super fun and a great night with tons of awesome people. We couldn’t be happier for two of our favorite friends and can’t wait to catch up and hear all about the honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Congrats again, Cate and Joe!

–Let’s chat–
Have you ever been to a wedding on New Year’s Eve?
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed at a wedding?

I would say that Tim lifting Joe on his shoulders toward the end of the night is right up there for me!