Attention all you last-minute holiday shoppers!

Still have shopping left to do?  How about shopping for that fitness lover in your life?  Whether a spouse, friend, or family member – these ten ideas are sure to please that special person in your life that is trying to get in (or stay in!) shape.

Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide for Fitness Fanatics

1.  A Gym Membership or Class Pass
We all know gym memberships these days aren’t cheap.  Neither are special classes at your local fitness, dance, or yoga studios.  A ten class pass at my local hot yoga studio costs $120, and that’s a pretty good price.  You all know how much I love fitness, and some of my favorite past presents have been class passes.  For all you Bostonians, here are some of my personal favorite places that are still offering gift cards for the holiday season:

And gift cards fit right in a stocking!  Just make sure you know for a fact that this is something the gift receiver wants – these can be a lot of money down the drain if they don’t get used!

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2.  Fitness Clothes

If you can afford it, lululemon gear seems to be the most popular (and lusted after) gear.  I do not own any lululemon clothing (yet) and would absolutely love apparel from there that I wouldn’t normally pay for myself.

For Her:

The Groove Pant
Also described as The Holy Grail of Yoga Pants…

The Hot N Sweaty Tank:

For Him:

Cypress Run Pullover

The Trek Pant

Looking for some clothes that are a little more wallet friendly?  Check out the active sections of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls – you can’t go wrong with a matching tank and capris set for $12.99 total!  I also recommend Reebok and Old Navy for more go to options.

How about something a little smaller?  Go with workout socks!  A great stocking stuffer.  And who doesn’t need a new pair of athletic socks anyways?

3.  Magazine Subscription

There’s so much out there in the blog world and on the internet for good fitness reads, but in my opinion there is still nothing better than holding an actual magazine!  Especially on a plane, a workout machine, or by the pool.  I like to cut recipes and workouts out of magazines and hold onto them for future reference so I don’t have to go thumbing back through the magazines or trying to remember what website I found a neat new ab move on.  A magazine subscription is a pretty inexpensive gift idea and will be one that lasts the entire year and gives that special someone something to look forward to in the (real) mail each month!  My favorites?  Women’s Health (or Men’s Health) and Shape.

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4.  Yoga Essentials
For the Yogi in your life, there are a LOT of gift options out there!  My favorite go to brand for yoga stuff is Gaiam – if you don’t order right off their website, their stuff can often be found in most Targets, Barnes & Nobles, Paper Stores, etc.

If you know me, you know that I love giving theme presents.  A yoga theme is a really easy one to do!  Combined with a class pass if you wish, you can use some of the following:

  • Yoga mats are the yoga class essential so you don’t have to rent a mat (who knows who might have used it the last time?) each time you go to class.  They also come in a variety of styles and colors!
  • Yoga bags!  Once you start lugging a yoga mat to class each week, you will quickly realize the need for a yoga bag.  Easy transport!  I have this bag in purple (from Target) and I love it.
  • Skidless Yoga Towels – a MUST HAVE for those that practice heat yoga.  Skidless yoga towels prevent slipping, absorb sweat, and put a more hygienic layer between the Yogi and yoga mat.
  • Yoga blocks and straps are also wonderful options that aid yoga practice by making poses more comfortable and ensuring proper alignment.  That strap could definitely fit in a stocking!!

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5.  Heart Rate Monitors
An amazing little gadget that will tell you a lot about your body, a heart rate monitor works by measuring electrical signals from the heart and displaying them on the unit’s data center.  This data is intended to help ensure that your training regimen is not too easy or too intense, but just right for maximum effectiveness.  There are two types of heart rate monitors:  Chest Strap Models and Finger Sensor Models (wristwatch style).  For more details on the pros and cons of each model, click here.

A watch style is on MY list this year!

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6.  Foam Roller
This one might be a little funny to wrap, but a great tool for reaching muscles that you cannot normally work.  The idea is to roll your body weight through the foam roller to exercise and develop your connective tissue.  Some people say that a foam roller’s effects are similar to getting a deep tissue massage!  By increasing flexibility and decreasing muscle tension, it can help prevent injury and improve performance.  A must have for post-exercise sore muscles!   [Source]

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7.  Workout Headband or Sweatband
I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely cannot get a good workout if I don’t have a headband on, and that my favorite headband is the lululemon one Colleen gave me for my birthday.  I tend to go through workout headbands quickly as they get gross and worn out, and I tend to leave them all over the place.  I’ve heard rave reviews of BIC bands too, but I haven’t tried those yet!  This is another inexpensive and go to stocking stuffer idea, and good for both women (headbands) and men (sweatbands)!

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8.  Pedometer
Health experts often recommend a goal of 10,000 steps a day.  Pedometers are small electronic devices you can clip to a belt or waistband to measure how many steps you take.  I’m willing to bet that those who use and wear a pedometer are more likely to hit this number.  Don’t you think you’d be more likely to take the stairs, park far away from the mall entrance, and move more in general if you had an increased awareness of your steps?  I think this is a neat stocking stuffer idea, and since pedometers come in all shapes, colors, and sizes they can also have a personal touch!  [Source]

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9.  Jump Rope
Another cheaper gift option!  A jump rope is perfect for that fitness lover with a busy schedule.  Maybe they are always running around with the kids, or maybe they have to travel for work and are always on the road.  Whatever the case may be, a jump rope is such an underrated piece of exercise equipment.  It sells for under $20, fits into a briefcase, can be used by the whole family, and improves cardiovascular fitness while toning muscle at the same timePlus it’s a calorie torcher!  [Source]

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10.  Non Plastic Water Bottle
Everyone’s gots to stay hydrated, especially during a workout!  Get a non plastic water bottle that can be reused time and time again.  There are a ton of cute ones out there, and they will cut down on waste!

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I realize after writing this post that I could probably make a list of nearly 50 fitness related gifts for fitness fanatics!  So many ideas in my head.  Perhaps a yearly post to run during the holiday season from now on.

Questions of the Day:  Do you have a fitness fanatic in your life?  Are you buying them something fitness related for Christmas?  Do you have any other go to ideas or suggestions?  Are YOU the fitness fanatic?  What’s on your fitness related holiday wish list?  What’s the best fitness related gift you’ve ever received?

Stay tuned for my last-minute holiday shopping guide for FOOD fanatics later today!