Attention all you last-minute holiday shoppers!

This morning I posted my last-minute holiday shopping guide for fitness fanatics.  Well, what about for all the FOOD fanatics out there?  If you still have shopping left to do for that special foodie in your life, here are ten no fail gift ideas for you.

Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide for Food Fanatics

1.  Cooking Classes
I actually gave my boyfriend a cooking class at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts for our anniversary last year, and it was super fun!  The class cost me $150, but we had several different themes to choose from (we chose to learn how to make Tapas) and the price not only includes the lesson (we were there for about 3-4 hours!) but a full course dinner and wine too.  Very worth it, and I love getting gifts that you can look forward to later on.

You can read more about my cooking class experience here!

2.  Foodie Themes
My friends are probably groaning as they read this and thinking, “Not another theme present, Athena.”  Well, sorry but… I love giving theme presents, and they are especially easy to put together if you opt for a food theme!  Themes can also be used for a big gift bag or for stocking stuffers.


For Him:  Grill Theme

For Her:  Baking Theme

Pick her favorite (ie cookies, cupcakes, pies, muffins, etc)  and stick with one.

  • Cupcake Bakeware
  • Cupcake Baking Mix Flavors, Frosting, and Sprinkles
  • Decorating Gun
  • Cute apron – Anthropologie has a ton of cute ones!  Or you can check out my friend Shannon’s 🙂
  • Cupcake Cookbook
  • Cupcake carrying case
  • Oven Mitt

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And so on.  I highly recommend Home Goods for this type of theme gift!

3.  Food Magazine Subscriptions
Just like I recommended a fitness magazine subscription for the fitness fanatic, I also recommend a food magazine subscription for the food fanatic!  This is a great way to look forward to something in the mail every month, and getting new ideas for cooking/baking directly to your doorstep never gets old.  And it’s great for something different if you’ve already gone the cookbook route a few times.

Some suggestions include:  Bon Appetit, Clean Eating, Better Homes & Gardens, and All About Beer

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4.  Foodie Homemade
Thoughtful and a money-saver.

Ideas?  Aside from the obvious of baking cookies and tying them up with ribbons and bows:

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5.  Healthy Snack Box
Who doesn’t love snacks?  (Sidenote:  My nickname at work has now become snacks.  And with my partner in crime?  The Snack Pack.  How awesome is that!)  More importantly, who doesn’t love snacks that are delivered directly to their front door?!

Get that special someone a subscription to Lollihop or similar service.  Lollihop is a six – twelve month membership (for as low as $18.95 a month) where you get a snack box filled with a diverse selection of wonderful snacks right to your home.  Along with the snack box, you’ll also get tips and articles from a nutritionist to explain how to best incorporate the snacks into your day and feel better about how you eat everyday.

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6.  Fancy Oils & Vinegars
There are tons of websites that offer fancy packages of gourmet olive oils, vinegars, and vinaigrettes.  For do it yourself, I’d also try out Home Goods or even specialty shops such as Stonewall Kitchen – you could definitely get some great stuff there!  I think a nice box of oils would make for a good hostess gift.

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7.  Nutrition Scale
Perfect for not only portion control, but weight management as well.  “It’s a scale and nutritional calculator in one. It is the most intuitive, easy-to-read nutritional scale on the market because it integrates the familiar nutrition label. With nearly 2000 foods in the database and room for 99 custom foods, you can track your calories, carbs, salt, cholesterol, and more with just a few clicks.”  [Source]

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8.  Collapsible Measuring Cups
Great stocking stuffer! These also help for portion control, are easy to store, and fit right into that stocking.

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9.  Cookie Cutters
Another small and inexpensive gift for the stocking!  This could also be used for #2 if you go with a cookie theme.

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10.  Garlic Peeler or Press
Makes cooking with garlic a whole lot easier!  I gave my boyfriend a press for his birthday last year, and he was thrilled.  Sometimes it’s the little things.

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Now go finish that Christmas shopping!

Question of the Day:  What are your favorite “foodie” gifts to give and/or receive?  Most creative homemade option?  Any other suggestions?  Do tell!