Do you follow me on Instagram yet?  If not, you should.  Now that I actually understand how to use it, it’s easier to remember what I did what I ate all week.

Last Week Through Instagram

Instagram Food

  1. Sunday food prep
  2. Healthier eggplant parm
  3. Baked banana pecan oatmeal
  4. Greek inspired quinoa
  5. Chobani dessert bite from my sample package
  6. Grilled cod with lemon, in our new grill basket
  7. Zucchini lasagna (no pasta!)
  8. Chicken salad sandwich
  9. Wedding cake from Gina & Greg’s wedding

Some other pics…

Two new dresses!  First (Ralph Lauren) to wear to the wedding, second (Collective Concepts) to wear to the Y reception downtown.  Both via Marshalls!

Two Dresses

The Oak Square Y crew at the awards reception last week… I love this team!  Don’t we clean up nicely?

Oak Square Reception

And a couple sweaty pics to finish it off.  OLD Old Navy bottoms, NEW lulu top!


Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts
I feel like I didn’t have a ton of “oomph” in my workouts at the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week I was killin’ it!

  • Sunday:  At home workout!  20 minutes of Kickboxing + Best Body Bootcamp Workout A
  • Monday:  Off
  • Tuesday:  No Two A Day for me because of the reception, so I snuck in a morning workout.  Did 40 minutes of longer intervals on the elliptical, followed by a mini strength circuit:  Stability ball woodchop squats, stability ball decline pushup + jackknife combo, triceps dips, and stability ball crunches – twice through.
  • Wednesday:  Christine’s Cardio Cutz class
  • Thursday:  Taught BBB Workout B in my 6am class.
  • Friday:  25 minutes of treadmill sprints + plank series (2 minute regular plank + 30 second side plank right + 10 side plank hip dips right + 2 minute regular plank + 30 second side plank left + 10 side plank hip dips left) + a lot of stretching.
  • Saturday:  BBB Workout C, which required friends to feel motivated to do it!  The workout involved “double ladders,” which meant doing one total body strength move for 10 reps + 2 burpees.  Then the strength move again for 8 + 4 burpees.  So you go down the ladder for strength, up for burpees.  By the end of our session we had done two different ladders twice.  Which meant 120 burpees total and sweat dripping out of places I didn’t even know existed.

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Hot yoga — felt so good to be on the mat again…
  • Monday:  Cardio machine + plank work
  • Tuesday:  Back to Two A Day!  Taking Liz’s Kickboxing and teaching BBB Workout B (but maybe with some different exercises to switch things up)
  • Wednesday:  Off or TBD
  • Thursday:  Teaching BBB Workout A
  • Friday:  Off or TBD
  • Saturday:  Repeating the crazy burpee workout again.  Dare I try for three rounds instead of two?!

We’ll see…

Are you on Instagram?  What were your workouts like last week?  What’s on the workout agenda this week?

It’s Monday, so set your intentions for the week now.  Make a goal for yourself, decide how you are going to get out of your comfort zone this week.  Then have a great day!