I’ve missed my regular posting schedule over the past couple of weeks, but life is simply too busy right now with everything I have going on. I keep reminding myself that it’s all fun stuff and that this little old blog of mine will be right here and waiting for me once things calm down a bit. Thanks for understanding!

Here’s what’s on tap for the next week or so:

–Tim’s birthday is today!! The old man is 29. We’ll be heading out for a nice dinner and drinks tonight. I was away in Minnesota and Chicago last week, and he was away in Missouri and Minnesota this week, so I am really looking forward to having a quality night together tonight and catching up. This morning before his flight home, I sent him a little homemade e-card that I put together with PicMonkey. I listed three restaurant descriptions and asked him to choose one for tonight. Can’t wait to see where we end up! Tomorrow we’ll be doing more birthday related activities and seeing his parents and sister at night.

Me & Tim Black & White

–Sunday is Easter. Orthodox Easter falls on the same day as Catholic Easter this year, which means no Easter candy sales for my dad and his favorite joke. We’ll be heading down to see my dad’s side of the family in New Bedford, and per usual, we’ll be having our Easter egg cracking tournament.


Easter Egg Bracketology 5

–Monday is Marathon Monday and a big day for Boston after last year’s tragedy. Tim and I will be meeting up with our friends Ashley and Brett for brunch, and we are planning to watch the marathon from the Cleveland Circle area. It’s going to be such an emotionally charged day, and I just cannot wait to be surrounded by all the very reasons that I love this day in the city.

Marathon Monday

–Tuesday morning I will be participating in a fitness focus group at Reebok headquarters through Fitfluential. It’s the first time I’ve been involved in something like this, and I’m excited. Reebok is right next door to one of my company’s locations, so it works out well. The shopping part is pretty awesome too.

reebok bags

–Then the rest of next week will be completely focused on getting ready for Slesh’s bridal shower! I can’t believe the weekend is finally here. This week I spent a couple of nights shopping for an outfit and for other things (can’t give away any surprises), and next week I’ll be putting together the logistics of everything. I can’t wait for my best friend’s special day!

Me & Slesh Birthday


Please tell me I’m not the only one with an absolutely crazy spring?

For those of you who celebrate Easter, I’ll leave you guys with some recipe ideas for this weekend.

For dessert, try:

For appetizers, try:

For a side dish, try:

For brunch, try:

Just in case you’re scrambling for Sunday. 🙂