Where do I even begin?

Life Lately

Aside from Tim and I getting engaged, the biggest update I have to share with you guys is my title change at work. For those of you new to the blog, about two years ago I transferred into my company’s staff development group to spearhead a worksite wellness program. I transferred under the agreement that I would only be doing wellness part-time until I could prove that the wellness program was big enough to warrant a full-time position. Well, I’m happy to announce that after two years of building the program and doing half wellness, half career development, I am now my company’s first official wellness coordinator. It feels good to finally say that. Now my focus will be on building a team of wellness coordinators and also “engaging the unengaged.” I’m happy with the culture that we’ve built so far, but we really have a long way to go in terms of making last changes for the people who need it most.

In terms of my social life, the past two months have been an absolute whirlwind. Chaos, really.

Let’s start with June.

My friend Bridget received the Coach of the Year award for coaching her softball team through the Boston Public Schools. Slesh, Will, Tim, and I went to watch her receive her award on Fenway Park. It was pretty cool, and I was so proud of my friend!

Coach of the Year

I went to see the documentary Fed Up with my friend Dawn from work. We both left the movie, well, pretty fed up! For a recap of the movie, you can check out my friend Monique’s post on it.

Slesh and I met up at the mall to get makeup trials done at Sephora. Slesh really wanted to do our own makeup for her wedding day, so we went to learn how to do it. Look at this scary makeup selfie I took of myself after. Bored at a red light, clearly.

Sephora makeup lesson

Katrina and Geoff got married! It was a beautiful day celebrating one of my best friends. I will do a full recap at some point, but here’s a few sneak peek photos to hold you over:

Katrina and Geoffs WeddingKatrina and Geoff's Wedding: photo booth

The day after Katrina’s wedding, a few friends and I went to the beach for the first beach day of the season. We went to a beach in Marshfield, and we were a little (ok, a lot) disappointed by it.

In mid-June, I went with my friend Erin to Boston Magazine’s health and wellness retreat.

Boston Magazine's Health and Wellness Retreat

On Father’s Day, we went to a friend’s daughter’s baptism in the morning, and then Tim and I parted ways to see our dads in the afternoon. My family and I walked around a state park in Rhode Island and then went out to dinner.

Father's Day 2014

We met up with our friends Greg and Gina for dinner and met their new baby boy, Wes. Isn’t he the cutest little baby you’ve ever even seen?

Baby Wes

My gym friend Jen held a little “porch Friday” one night. It was mango themed, so everyone brought something that had to do with mango. It was fun to have a low-key night with my gym friends.

Mango Porch Friday

In the same weekend, I got in another beach day with my friend Shannon, and then had a consecutive night with my gym friends at Liz’s house.

gym friends

We are still in June, people! Still with me?

I also had my friend Cristin’s bridal shower. It was nice to see Cristin and catch up with my friend Jess who I used to work with. Cristin’s sisters planned two fun games that I hadn’t seen at bridal showers before. One was a “guess the herbs and spices” game, and the winner got to take home the fresh herb plant in the middle of the table. The other was a “what’s in my purse” game where the guests tallied up points for having certain items in their purses. I thought these were unique and different. Once you’ve been to a gazillion bridal showers, it’s nice to have some fresh games to play!

Cristin's bridal shower

During the last week of June, I went with Slesh for her last dress fitting. That week was also my first New Balance Girls Night Out experience.

New Balance Girls Night Out

Then comes engagement and staycation, which I’ve already recapped on the blog. The week included an impromptu celebratory BBQ, a beach day, kayak day, dinner out, 4th of July down the Cape, and Geoff’s surprise 30th birthday party. Shortest week off ever. We’re doing another staycation in September <—thank God.

Engagement in Gloucester

Engagement BBQ: Friends

After the 4th of July, I immediately switched gears from time off and celebrating to focusing on my best friend’s wedding. Everything about Slesh’s weekend was amazing. I just can’t believe she is married. I still need to go through all my pictures from that day, but for now I snagged this photo from the photographer’s blog.

slesh weddingThe day after Slesh’s wedding, Bridget, Katrina, and our men hung out for lunch and a cloudy day at Winthrop beach.

winthrop beach

And then the next weekend we completely switched gears again to focus on Erica’s bachelorette. I’d say her “last sail before the veil” in Newport was a success.

Erica's Last Sail Before the Veil

The end of July was filled with another New Balance Girls Night Out event, Reebok event, Soul Cycle event, gym friend dates before 7am and a couple of classes together, drinks with Tim’s sister and her boyfriend, a day at Walden Pond, dinner at Cate and Joe’s house, a Red Sox game with my dad and sister, and dinner and drinks out with my girls from home.

New Balance Girls Night Out

CrossFit on the GreenwayWorkouts 3

Me & Liz 7am

Ashley and me 7am

Walden Pond

Red SoxWilmington Friends


Everything has been a lot of fun, but I need to be honest and let you guys know that I feel like I’m going a little insane. I certainly haven’t had much time for myself or for me and Tim. I would like to start my own wedding planning, but with everything I have going on, I just haven’t felt up for it yet. And even though all the events of this summer have been amazing, I’m starting to feel a little burned out. Okay, a lot burned out. I’m just TIRED. I’m trying to take it one week and/or weekend at a time, but it’s just hard. And if you can even believe it, I’ve been saying no to a lot of things, so I know it’s not a matter of over-committing either.

I just want to relax a little more, but maybe that’s what September will be for? I wish I could just slow the calendar down. I know I’m not alone at feeling like this at this age, so for those of you who can relate, any advice for me? I think that I might have to slow it down on blogging, blogger events, and subbing for a little bit, but it really stinks to have to turn down things that make me happy.

–Let’s chat–
How have your June and July months been? Crazy busy or more relaxed? What are you looking forward to in August?