Morning! Thank you to everyone who participated in my Reader Focus Week last week. I loved reading through your comments and getting to know you a bit better, and last night I finally had some time to respond to everything. You guys also sparked a lot of new post ideas for later on. It was a fun little change for F&F from my usual posts, so I hope you enjoyed the different format as well.

Since today begins a new month (spring, where ARE you?!), I want to talk about my life lately and recap some things from March.

Life Lately

Unfortunately, I have some sad news that I want to share first. For anyone living in the Boston area, you know that last week there was a terrible fire on Beacon Street downtown that took the lives of two local firefighters. One of those heroes, Ed Walsh, was also the facilities director at the Oak Square YMCA where I teach classes and have worked for many years. While I didn’t know Ed very well on a personal level, I did know him as a colleague and a friendly face in the YMCA community. When I was working as the group exercise coordinator, if I needed something from an operations perspective, Ed was always so nice and quick to help. To quote our president and CEO, “he was a respected, committed, and important member of the Y family. To so many, Ed was a hero. To us, he was a friend and treasured colleague. Today, our hearts and prayers are with Ed’s wife and three children.” Such a terrible tragedy.

There’s really no way to transition nicely into happier topics, so I’ll just leave it at that.


Exciting news

A lot of my March was spent studying. The 18 week wellness coaching class that I took ended at the beginning of February, so I’ve spent a lot of time highlighting, making note cards, and memorizing all the information and concepts.

Wellcoaches Studying

I’m happy to announce that on Friday, I passed the written exam! This doesn’t make me a certified coach just yet, but it’s another milestone reached on my journey, nevermind a huge weight off my shoulders.

Wellcoaches written exam

My next steps include working with a practice client and passing the practical part, but I wanted to have the written exam over by the time my insane spring started. Yay!

Tim and I celebrated with an AWESOME dinner and a bottle of wine at Il Casale on Friday night.

Celebrating at Il Casale

Aside from preparing for my test, I spent my March subbing a lot of classes at the gym and cooped up in my apartment getting over a cold. Needless to say, my social life hasn’t exactly been hopping, but I think I’ve managed to balance everything fairly well.

Here are some of the other things I’ve been up to:

Celebrating my Papou’s 85th birthday party with the family, and an unpictured visit with Geoff and Trina afterwards

Papou's 85th birthday party

Dinner and drinks in Cambridge with the girls

Me Bridget Kathryn Slesh

Our friend Jeff’s 30th birthday party

Jeff's Birthday

My goddaughter Layla’s 5th birthday party

Layla's 5th birthday party

And a stress-free and relaxing weekend up in Vermont at a blogger retreat with Tim

Perfect Vermont: Tim and I

So that was my March! You guys might not see as much of me on F&F over the next couple of months because there’s a LOT going on, but we’ll see.

Here’s a rundown of my weekends for the next two months:

— Only free weekend left until Memorial Day
— Chicago trip with Jen and Ashley (after a week of work travel in Minnesota)
— Tim’s birthday, double Easter, and Marathon Monday weekend
— Slesh’s bridal shower weekend in Connecticut
— Katrina’s bridal shower and bachelorette weekend
— Work 5k and Mother’s day weekend
— Slesh’s bachelorette weekend in New York
— Face planting on a beach somewhere for Memorial Day?

Um yeah. See ya guys never?

But it’s all fun stuff. Party time!

–Let’s chat–
What are some of your highlights from March? What are you looking forward to in April?