Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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Who are you loving today?  I am a firm believer that although of course Valentine’s Day is a day mainly geared for couples, it does not need to be that way.  No matter what your relationship status, take a few minutes today to reflect on why you love yourself.  If  you’re unattached at the moment, stop scoffing at all the commercialism and hype.  Instead treat yourself to something special, whether it be a massage, a piece of chocolate, or a new piece of clothing.  And if you are in a relationship, I hope you aren’t so caught up in giving to your significant other and others that you forget YOU.

Here are my 10 ways to love yourself this Valentine’s Day, regardless of your relationship status!

1.  Stop All Criticism
What good does criticism ever do?  If you are a self loather, stop criticizing yourself and accept yourself for who you are.  If there are things about yourself that you want to change, think about them in a positive light and the steps you will take to get there.  If you don’t, the changes you make will be negative. 

2.  Let Go Of Your Mistakes
Mistakes happen to everyone!  There is not a single person in this world that lives and doesn’t make a mistake.  Or many mistakes.  Or several mistakes!  What’s important is that you learn from them.  Don’t dwell, don’t focus on them, just take what you can learn and move right on.

3.  Dive Into Your Passions
Everyone is passionate about something, whether it be your job, a hobby, or a loved one.  Whatever it is that gets you excited, focus on it, embrace it, and go with it.  What better to get you happy than spending as much time as you can diving into your passions?

4.  Toot Your Own Horn
Some people say it’s not good to do this, but I just think it’s not good to do in excess.  I think it’s perfectly fine to tell everyone how awesome you are once in a while.  Praise yourself and celebrate your achievements.  You have a lot to be proud of. 

5.  Take Care of Your Body
Eat well and exercise often.  But don’t overdo it eitherLike I say every week on Fitness & Feta, enjoy things in moderation.  Get enough sleep, wash your hands, and find new ways to energize yourself each day.

6.  Don’t Care What Other People Think
When you focus so much on what everyone else thinks of you, you lose sight of YOU.  Act from your own values, your own thoughts, and your own opinions.  And so what if someone else doesn’t like it?  They aren’t worth it. 

7.  Learn How to Say No
Saying no is okay!  Even if it’s to the people you love most.  It’s not loving if you agree to do something you don’t want to do just to make someone else happy.  Just like #6, why worry about pleasing everyone else?  Focus on you and the things that you want to do.

8.  Carve Out Some “Me” Time
Everyone’s busy.  There’s so much to do every single day.  But just as important on all the things on your never-ending to do lists is restoration.  It’s vital to carve out some time for you to rejuvenate, restore, and relax.  Even 10 minutes a day completely to yourself can be enough for this.

9.  Reward Yourself
Do you reward yourself for a job well done?  How about a life well lived?  If you get a promotion, take a day off and go to the spa.  If you reach a goal you’ve worked hard at to meet, go ahead.  Treat yourself to something new.  It’s okay every once in a while.  And you’re worth it!

10.  Appreciate Your Life
Instead of focusing on the things you want to change, focus on all the things you would NEVER want to change.  Different perspective, huh?  Appreciate all the reasons why it’s amazing to be you!

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day today?
How do you plan on loving yourself?
Any other tips to add to my list?

P.S.  I’m teaching a rockin’ Valentine’s class tonight – my playlist is ready to go!  It’s gonna be fun!  Stay tuned for the workout and songs. 😉