How’s everyone’s weekend?  Low-key is definitely the theme of mine.

Friday night after work I ventured over to this gourmet cheese and wine shop, The Spirited Gourmet.  Not only tons of cool wines, beers, etc. but also tons of fun crackers, cookies, and really cool specialty foods.  I can definitely see myself frequenting this place!  Anyways, Tim was super pumped when he came home to two big bottles of Eaglebrook Blueberry Ale.

The Eaglebrook is Tim’s favorite hometown bar, and their blueberry beer is unreal.  Especially enjoyed in a frozen beer mug with fresh blueberries.

The beer was the perfect addition to a movie night in.  We watched The Hunger Games finally!

Saturday when I woke up I had to bust out some work for the Y (had to get all the new classes added to our online schedule — took forever!) then headed to the beach with Slesh for the day.  It was nice out, figured I’d squeeze in a couple extra hours in the sun — maybe that was our last beach trip of the summer?  We got frozen yogurt on the way out, and I ran some errands.  Tim and I tried a new bar down the street from us at night, Conley’s Pub.  Another place I see ourselves frequenting often.  We just grabbed some food and had some beers, nothing crazy.

Today I slept in, embarrassingly late.  I didn’t mean to.  Our friends Joe & Cate came over to watch the football game, and I did some work/blogging during it.  Tim made pizzas.  No pictures!

Moral of the story:  I didn’t workout again this weekend, which means it was another rest-ish week for me, and I didn’t make it down to my family’s Greek festival in Dartmouth.  I feel guilty and a bad Greek for not making it down there, but honestly… aside from the things I already wrote about, I had a ton of little things I just needed to get done.  Plus I didn’t have anyone to drive down with.  Wah, I’m a loser.

I will leave you all with one hilarious picture from last week:

Great truck to park right in front of the gym at 7am!

On that note, I’m outskis.  Catch ya tomorrow!