Tuesday night was my last night filling in for outdoor bootcamp.  I thought I was going to rip my hair out by the time I got to the gym though.  Did anybody else sit in Tuesday night’s horrible Boston traffic?  My regular 20 minute commute took me 90 minutes.  No typo.  90 minutes.  I can’t think of a bigger, more frustrating waste of time than sitting in traffic like that.  I thought I was going to be late, but luckily made it just in time.

Needless to say, I was certainly in the mood to let out some frustration by the time I started teaching.  And unfortunately on days like this, my frustration is usually taken out on my class!  Sorry guys.

Lunges up the hill
Here’s the workout we did, each round was done in a circle facing each other:

2 laps around the Y, dynamic stretching

Round 1

  • 60 seconds v-step run with right lead
  • Lunge series right (back lunge to ankle, back lunge to knee, back lunge to knee with calf raise, back lunge to knee with hop – 10 each)
  • 60 second cross knee plank

Repeat series on other side

Run up and down the hill

Round 2

  • Side shuffle taps in and out circle
  • Squat walks around circle, when back at starting point 10 regular squats and 10 jump squats
  • 60 seconds rolling planks

Repeat series on other side

3 rounds of Indian runs around basketball court

Round 3

  • Inchworms
  • Triceps dips + toe taps
  • 60 seconds spiderman planks

Repeat series

Cardio (kinda)
Lunge up the hill!  And run back down.  That’s what’s pictured above.  The picture doesn’t really do this particular hill justice.  It’s a big one!  The class said I was evil for making them do this, but I said that it’s not evil if I say “Lunge up the hill, please.”  Right?

Last Round
(Did not repeat this round a second time)

  • 1 round of pyramid pushups (up to 5 and back)
  • 1 round of in-out-ups
  • 1 round of Russian twists
  • 30 second 6 inch hold


I will miss this class now that I’m done filling in.  They’re a fun time!

Have you ever taken an outdoor bootcamp class before?  What’s the hardest bootcamp drill your instructor has made you do?