I hate rainy days!  And today is definitely a rainy day here in Beantown.  Lamesauce.

I just love someecards, don’t you?  This one reminds me of a funny time that my friends and I were out with my brother and my cousin at a club in Boston.  We were all dancing and someone near us yelled out “Make It Rain!” and literally threw dollar bills everywhere.  My friend Katrina and I legit immediately stopped dancing and were pretty much crawling on the floor scrambling to pick up any possible dollar bill we could find.

Don’t judge.  Every dollar adds up you know.

Tuesday’s Workouts

Let’s rewind to yesterday.

Workday = nothing blog-worthy to write about, so let’s talk about my Tuesday night.  I skipped out on Kickboxing for the third week in a row, which is making me SUPER GRUMPY.  My physical therapist recommended that I wait one more week until I make my full return to it, and even then I’m going to need to modify a bit.  I’ve been meaning to do a full post on my hip situation, since I’ve only been talking about it here and there, but every time I go to write about it I get in full cranky mode so I stop.  Maybe soon!

Anyways, to get some more cardio in before teaching Circuit, I did the following elliptical workout:

A couple of notes about this:

  1. Please adjust your incline and resistance accordingly!  If this feels like too much, lower it.  If it feels too easy, raise it.  Just keep your numbers consistent to my change ups.  I did keep my incline in the middle range because of the hip, so some of you may feel you want to adjust.
  2. For the Tabata, those 20 seconds should be REALLY fast!
  3. If you aren’t doing another workout right after this, do another few minutes for your cooldown.

After my elliptical sesh, I taught my Circuit Training class.  I adapted Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up 2012 Week 1 Workout into a group ex class format.  It did have a few differences, so here’s what mine ended up looking like:

For any questions on the moves, please refer to the link above — Gina posted how to videos on her blog which are very helpful!  We did these moves as a circuit, one right after another.  After we got through the first Circuit, I threw in a Cardio Tabata (again with the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest).  We alternated between jumping jacks and quick feet.  We then repeated the Circuit all the way through for a second time, then did a Cardio Tabata alternating between burpees and jump rope.

All together this took us about 45 minutes, including our warmup.

I finished class with the following floor work:

  • Outer Thigh Clam Exercise (heh heh heh) — 10 reps
  • Inner Thigh Leg Lift — 10 regular lifts, 10 lifts with 2 pulses then a bigger lift and lower, and finish with 10 pulses
  • Glute Bridges — 10 reps
  • Glute Bridges with Clam Exercise — 10 reps.  This was DEFINITELY my awk move of the night.  Think:  Pelvic thrust, then open your knees, close your knees, and lower back down.
  • Ab Ladder Series — 3 sets of 8 ab pulses in the following positions:  legs straight out, feet flat on floor, knees up, legs extended, and then all the way back down.

Thoughts on class last night?  Leave a comment!  And thanks to Fitnessista for the inspiration!

Tuesday’s Music

For my music inspiration, I put together a playlist from my iTunes’ “Most Played” list.  Here’s what I came up with:

I guess these are some of the songs I tend to work out to the most!

Side note, doing the pelvic thrust moves to “Push It” is secretly amazing.

Tuesday’s Post-Workout Dinner

After the gym, I came home to my usual Tuesday night dinner made by Tim!

Dry rub steak topped with avocado salsa, and sweet potato wedges on the side!  Dinner inspiration from Everyday Paleo.  I’ll post the recipe for our adapted version later, since so flavorful and delicious.

Blog Notes

How do you guys keep your energy levels up on dreary days?!

Have a Happy Hump Day, despite the rain!