Move-it March 2022

Workout Overviews

Lower Body



1. Front loaded dumbbell squat

4 x 6-8

Rest  2 minutes

Suggested filler: T-spine extension off of medicine ball

2A. Dumbbell step ups 

3 x 6-8 RL

2B. Stability ball rollout

2-3 x 8-10

Rest 60 seconds

3A. 1-racked single leg sit to stand

3 x 8-10 RL

3B. Feet elevated glute bridge to march

3 x 8-10 total

Rest 60-90 seconds

4. Standing banded hip extensions

2-3 x 12-15 RL

Rest 30-60 seconds


Set a timer for 8-10 minutes and see how many rounds you can complete in that time, resting as needed.  

  • Heels elevated bottom half squats x 8-10
  • Walking lunges x 8-10 total
  • Plyo lunges x 8-10 total
  • Thrusters x 8-10

Total Body

Shamrock Shakes


1. Dumbbell military press

4 x 6-8

Rest 2 minutes

Suggested filler: Cross foot side plank hold 20 seconds RL

2A. Scapular pull-up

3 x 8-10

2B. Kickstand dumbbell hip thrust

3 x 10-12 RL

Rest 1 minute

3A. Chest supported dumbbell row

3 x 8-10

3B. Dumbbell kickstand stance hinge to squat combo

3 x 6-8 RL

Rest 1 minute

4. Iron angels

2-3 x 10-12

Rest 1 minute


Set a timer for 6-10 minutes and see how many rounds you can complete in that time, resting as needed.

  • Donkey kicks x 10-12 RL
  • Side lying hip abductions x 15-20 RL
  • Wall sit with yoga block squeeze x 10-12 breaths

Upper Body

Pot of Gold



1. Band assisted chin-up

3-4 x 8-10

Rest 2 minutes

Suggested filler: Bird dog 6-8 RL

2. Incline dumbbell neutral grip bench press

3 x 6-8

Rest 2 minutes

Mobility filler: Dead bug 6-8 RL

3A. Short seated single arm band row

3 x 10-12 RL

3B. 1.5 push-up

3 x 8-10

Rest 1 minute

4A. Band chest fly

3 x 10-12

4B. 1-racked + suitcase carry

3 x 20-30 seconds RL

Rest 1 minute


Set a timer for 5-6 minutes and see how many times you can complete the superset, resting as needed.

  • Overhead band, cable, or TRX triceps extension x 10-12
  • Triceps dips (bodyweight or dip machine) x 10-12

Weekend Warrior

Lucky 7s

Cash In:

  • Inchworm x 5
  • Spider stretch x 5-10 seconds RL
  • Squat to stand x 5
  • Lateral lunge to overhead reach x 5 RL

7 rounds x 7 reps each move:

  • Sumo bent over alternating dumbbell rows 
  • Hand release push-up
  • Side shuffles with touchdown
  • Seated overhead press
  • Burpees
  • Reverse lunge to hammer curl

Cash Out:

  • Breathe in child’s pose

Warm-Up Flow

Sample Full Body Warm-up

Seated connection breath x 8-10 breaths

Seated wall slides x 8-10

90/90 hip switches x 8-10 RL

Hip flexor prying with overhead reach x 5-10 RL

Foot on wall hinge with rotation x 8-10 RL

Squat to box x 10-15

Warm-Up Flow

Sample Upper Body Warm-up

Connection breath in foam roller child’s pose x 8-10 breaths

Foam roller lat reach x 8-10

Thread the needle to back opener x 8-10 RL

Bear to downward dog x 8-10

Band shoulder dislocates x 5-10 forward and back

Band pull-aparts x 10-15

Warm-Up Flow

Sample Lower Body Warm-up

Side lying connection breath x 8-10 breaths RL

Open book stretch x 8-10 RL

Side lying knee lifts x 10-12 RL

Feet on wall bridges x 10-12

Adductor hinge back x 5-10 RL

Squat prying x 30 seconds

Additional Resources

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